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Dial 311 to Find a Towed Vehicle
Within New York City, you can dial 311 for assistance locating a towed vehicle. If you are calling from outside the of NYC, dial 212-NEW-YORK. If you are hearing impaired, dail the TTY number 212-504-4115.
Parking in NYC: Helpful Contact Information
The Department of Finance handles many issues related to parking tickets and towed vehicles. Find out whom to contact with related questions or issues you may have.
Locate a Towed Vehicle
If you do not find your vehicle where you parked it, it may have been towed. Use the Towed Car Locator System to find it.
Parking Tickets Hearing Request
Request an online hearing for parking violations.
Parking Violations Center
The Department of Finance has a wealth of information on parking regulations, disputing tickets, vehicle towing, and more.
Pay Parking Tickets Online
Pay parking tickets, request a hearing, and get information about towed vehicles, outstanding violations, judgments, and the commercial collections program online.
Resolve Parking Issues Online
Pay parking tickets, locate a towed car, and submit a defense for a parking ticket online through the Department of Finance.
Seized Vehicles
If your car is not where you left it and you owe more than $350 in outstanding parking violation fees, the vehicle may have been seized by the Sheriff's Office or by a New York City Marshal. To find out, call the Parking Violations Operations (PVO) Helpline at (718) 422-7800 or TTY (718) 802-3555.
Towing Guide from Consumer Affairs
Find out about the vehicle towing process from the Department of Consumer Affairs; this page explains which agencies tow for which reasons, what the process is, which private companies are used, how booting is used, and more.
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