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Mayoral and City Agencies
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Tax Appeals Tribunal
The New York City Tax Appeals Tribunal has the responsibility of providing a fair, impartial, efficient, and knowledgeable forum in which to resolve disputes between taxpayers and the New York City Department of Finance involving statutory notices issued by the Department of Finance for non-property taxes administered by New York City.
New York City Tax Commission
The Tax Commission is the City of New York's forum for independent administrative review of real property tax assessments set by the Department of Finance. The Tax Commission reviews and determines annual applications for correction of assessment filed by owners and other parties with sufficient legal interest in properties which they claim are incorrectly assessed or improperly denied an exemption from real property tax.
Taxi and Limousine Commission
The Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) establishes and enforces professional and uniform standards of for-hire service and ensures public safety. TLC licenses and regulates 12,760 medallion taxicabs, 42,805 for-hire vehicles, 2,496 paratransit vehicles, 298 commuter vans and 98,696 drivers. The Commission also regulates 28 taximeter shops, 27 taxicab brokers and 79 taxicab agents, and sets fares charged by medallion taxicabs.
Transitional Finance Authority
The Transitional Finance Authority issues bonds and borrows money to finance a portion of the New York City ten-year capital plan.
Transportation, Department of
The Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for the condition of approximately 5,800 miles of streets and highways and 790 bridge structures, including six tunnels. DOT ensures traffic safety and mobility by mitigating the effect of construction on traffic; implementing engineering improvements; and installing and maintaining traffic signals at more than 11,800 signalized intersections, over 1.3 million signs, over 300,000 streetlights, 69 million linear feet of markings and approximately 63,000 parking meters. The Department encourages the use of mass transit by overseeing the operation of four subsidized franchise bus companies, operating the Staten Island Ferry and promoting new private ferry routes. DOT also encourages the use of alternative modes of transportation, and administers a Citywide program advancing the use of alternative fuels.
The Trust for Governors Island
The Trust for Governors Island is the non-profit corporation created by the City of New York that is responsible for the planning, redevelopment, and ongoing operations of 150 acres of Governors Island.  The Trust's mission is to bring Governors Island back to life, making this island at the center of New York Harbor a destination with great public open space, as well as educational, not for profit and commercial facilities. The Trust for Governors Island is the successor entity to the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation.
TSASC, Inc. is a special purpose, bankruptcy-remote, non-profit corporation authorized to issue bonds secured by Tobacco Settlement Revenues (TSRs).
Veterans' Affairs, Mayor's Office of
The Mayor's Office of Veterans' Affairs advises the Mayor on issues and projects impacting the veterans' community.
Voter Assistance Commission
The New York City Voter Assistance Commission is a nonpartisan government agency that encourages and facilitates voter registration and voter participation.
Water Board
Like many large cities, the entirety of New York's water and sewer infrastructure is funded by revenue it collects through water and sewer rates. The Water Board is responsible for setting these rates, and must ensure that they are able to fund the entirety of the water and sewer system's operating and capital needs, enabling the City to provide clean, safe water to New Yorkers for decades to come and to ensure that the health of the City's waterways continues to improve.
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Mayoral and City Agencies