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Domestic Partnership
Find out how to register a domestic partnership with the City Clerk.
Heirloom Certificates
The Department of Records offers presentation quality duplicates of historic vital records.
Geneology Research at the Department of Records
Visit the Department of Records in person to conduct geneology research; all birth, death, marriage, census, and city directory records in the Municipal Archives are on microfilm, and the fee to use a microfilm reader machine is $5.00 per day (or any part thereof).
Marriage License
Find out how to get a marriage license from the City Clerk.
Marriage License Amendments
Request amendments or changes to a marriage license through the City Clerk's office.
Marriage Officiant Registration
Find out how to register as a Marriage Officiant with the City of New York.
Name Change Forms & Requirements
The New York State Unified Court System has information on the requirements and necessary forms for legally changing your name in the state.
Obtain a Copy of a Marriage Record
The Office of the City Clerk handles the printing of copies of marriage records since 1930.
Request a Birth Certificate
Get birth certificates from after 1910 from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
Request an Historic Birth Certificate
The Department of Records maintains birth certificates from prior to 1910.
Download the request form (PDF)
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