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Bicycle Information from the Dept. of Transportation
Get news about cycling in the city, download free cycling maps, and access a host of reference materials provided by the Dept. of Transportation.
Bicycle Parking
Find out where you can park your bicycle both indoors and outdoors and view a map showing the locations of free sidewalk bicycle parking racks throughout the five boroughs.
Bicycle Safety in the Subway System
Find out which subway lines are more convenient for bicycles and how to make your travel safe and easy for everyone using the subway.
Do's and Don'ts of Safe Bicycling
Learn how to safely ride in city traffic and regulations that pertain to cyclists.
Greenways Rules and Guidelines
Rules and guidelines for using greenways in City parks.
NYC Cycling Maps
Get downloadable cycling maps from the Department of Transportation.
NYC Transportation Maps
Learn to navigate the city streets on bike, by car, or truck using maps from the Department of Transportation.
Pedestrian Safety Information
The Department of Transportation manages several programs to promote pedestrian safety for residents of all ages.
Sidewalk Frequently Asked Questions
Find out about sidewalk violations, repairs, permits, and more at the Department of Transportation.
Highway Surface Complaint
The Highway Inspection and Quality Assurance unit regulates and enforces the laws and rules that govern the way construction work is performed on the City's sidewalks, roadways, and highways. To file a complaint about a street or roadway condition, fill out and submit this form.
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