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Apartment Owner/Manager Recycling Violation
Building owners must provide storage areas for receptacles and recyclables, post signs and remove mixed trash from recyclables.
Apartment Tenant Recycling Violation
All tenants are required to recycle and separate regular garbage from recycling materials and place recyclables in properly colored and labeled receptacles.
Backyard or Alleyway Violation
Report backyards, courts, alleys, and airshafts not kept clean of debris.
Canine Violation
Use this form to report an unleashed canine or the failure to remove canine waste.
Commercial Recycling Violation
Commercial businesses in NYC are required to recycle certain designated materials; to notify employees, building tenants, and (where required) customers; and to place labeled recycling containers where recyclables are routinely discarded.
Commercial Waste Disposal Decal Violation
Commercial businesses are required to post a waste disposal decal.
Dirty Curbside Violation
Residential property owners must keep curbside area clean up to 18 inches to the street.
Dirty Sidewalk Violation
Residential property owners are responsible for the cleanliness of the sidewalk in front of and adjacent to their property.
Failure to Properly Store Receptacles
Report receptacles that are improperly placed out prior to collection day or before 6 pm on the evening before collection, or receptacles that are not removed after collection.
Illegal Dumping Reward Programs
The Department of Sanitation has two programs through which the public can collect monetary awards for reporting illegal dumping.
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