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NYC Business Express
Identify requirements and find regulatory information related to opening a business in New York City.
Department of Buildings: Buildings Information System (BIS)
Access the Buildings Information System, a Department of Buildings (DOB) Web site that provides property-related information including property profile overviews, inspections information, search and navigation capabilities including a licensed trades search, and the ability to view all filings in a community board, all permits for a property, and all addresses on one tax lot.
Department of Buildings: Reference Materials
Get Building Code reference materials, including Titles 26 and 27, amendments, reference standards, fire district maps, and rules and regulations.
Consumer Protection Law
Whether you are a consumer or a business, it is important to know the law. Most businesses know that their long-term success and security depend on their honest dealings with customers. Laws protect both consumers and businesses.
Commercial Parking Tickets Collections
Learn how City programs can help businesses organize and keep track of parking tickets and reduce fines.
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene: Food Service Operators and Owners
Get tips for designing and maintaining a food establishment that complies with City guidelines.
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene: Mobile and Temporary Food Vendors
Find information about operating a food cart year-round or work seasonally in an ice cream truck or serve food at a street fair or special event (including food product promotions).
Department of Transportation: Franchises, Procurements, & Other Business Resources
Learn how a business can obtain permission to occupy or use space on, over, or under New York City streets and sidewalks.
Department of Transportation: Newsracks
Get the requirements and application information for anyone who maintains, or plans to maintain, a newsrack on a City sidewalk.
Street Activity Permit Office FAQ
Find commonly asked questions related to participating in or obtaining permits for street activities, including block parties, street festivals, and promotional events.
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