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Harlem Hospital Center
The largest health facility in Harlem capable of treating the seriously ill, Harlem Hospital Center has one of the finest trauma teams in the nation and one of the largest training centers for minority physicians.
Jacobi Medical Center
From its formation of the North Central Bronx Physician's Alliance to its new ultra-modern Center for Maternity and Newborn Care, the Jacobi Medical Center provides the north Bronx with consistently excellent health care.
Kings County Hospital Center
Kings County is Central Brooklyn's premier healthcare facility. Its current extensive redevelopment will further enhance its wide array of patient-centered, quality healthcare services.
Lincoln Medical And Mental Health Center
Besides operating the city's busiest emergency room, Lincoln recently opened its new state-of-the-art Children's Health Center to provide additional support to the young of the South Bronx.
Metropolitan Hospital Center
Metropolitan is a full-service, acute care hospital that emphasizes primary care medicine and utilizes the latest advances in medical science, providing culturally sensitive medical care to the diverse neighborhoods of northern Manhattan.
Morrisania Diagnostic and Treatment Center
Morrisania provides treatment and prevention services to the South Bronx through its ground-breaking school health programs, child development program, and behavioral and mental health programs, amongst others.
North Central Bronx Hospital
North Central Bronx Hospital has developed some of the finest clinical programs in the nation, including its midwifery service, its adolescent pregnancy program, and the Growth and Recovery program.
Queens Hospital Center
Currently in the midst of a major modernization plan, the Queens Hospital Center is a major health care provider serving the communities of Southeast and Central Queens and running three excellent satellite centers.
Renaissance Health Care Network Diagnostic & Treatment Center
Renaissance provides comprehensive health services for the families of Central and West Harlem, including free pregnancy testing, cancer screening, HIV/AIDS counseling, and their Babygram Program for teen mothers in High School.
Sea View Hospital Rehabilitation Center & Home
Sea View established the first long-term care brain injury facililty in New York State. Its other services include an Alzheimer's unit and the Adult Day Healthcare program for elderly and disabled patients in the community.
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