Temporary Amusement Rides



Buildings, Department of City
The City inspects and licenses amusement rides installed at street fairs, block parties, and special events in all five boroughs, to ensure the safety of those operating and riding them. All amusement rides, including Ferris Wheels, Tilt-a-Whirls, and Carousels must be licensed by the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) and pass inspection by the Buildings Department (DOB) before operating.

DOB requires that all temporary rides, rides that are in use for less than 14 days, pass an inspection at each installation. A Green Card is issued upon passing a complete inspection. Once an amusement ride receives the Green Card the ride is ready for operation. The City requires only 12 days notice to perform inspections, and process license applications for temporary amusement rides.

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Elevator/Escalator/Amusement Ride Questions:
For contact information please visit the Agency Contacts by Borough and Unit link above.
For further assistance, please call 311 and ask for: Amusement Rides
Website: http://www.nyc.gov/buildings

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