Sexual Harassment Training for All Employees



Law, Department of State
As of October 9, 2018, employers must provide their workers training on sexual harassment prevention.

All employees, including part-time employees, must get training every year. New York State requirements are stronger than New York City's. However, employers in the City must keep a record of who attends each training.

The training must be interactive with a live trainer. It should also include a web-based component if possible. Employees must be able to ask questions and give feedback.

The training must explain sexual harassment laws in the City, State, and across the United States. Employees must learn about their rights to complain and have claims addressed. These include City, State, and Federal complaint procedures. Employers and supervisors must learn about their obligations. Anti-retaliation laws must be addressed. In the City, information on bystander intervention must be provided.

There are no exemptions. If employees mostly speak languages other than English, training should be provided in those languages if possible.

For more information, contact:

New York City Commission on Human Rights
22 Reade Street
New York, NY 10007
Phone: 7187223131

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