Real Property Income and Expense (RPIE)



Finance, Department of City
If you own an income-producing property that has an actual assessed value of more than $40,000, you are required to file an annual Real Property Income and Expense (RPIE) statement with Finance. Certain properties are excluded from this filing requirement by law.

We use the information you file and/or information from similar properties that have filed to estimate the market value of your property for tax purposes. You must file your RPIE statements electronically. For further information, download the RPIE-2012 Worksheet and Instructions. If you are not legally required to file an RPIE, you may still want to provide information about your property using the online RPIE-B form to help us better estimate the market value.

Continued for RPIE-2012 are changes implemented to last year’s rules to allow for consolidated RPIE filings of two or more properties that meet specific requirements. More information is available in the RPIE-2012 Worksheet and Instructions.
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NYC Department of Finance (DOF)
Correspondence Unit
66 John Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10038-3735
For further assistance, please call 311 and ask for: Real Property Income and Expense

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