Commercial Driver License - Metal Coil Endorsement



Motor Vehicles, Department of State
Commercial drivers in New York State need a Metal Coil Endorsement to transport metal coils. The endorsement is needed if the weight of a single coil is 5000 lbs or more, or if more than one coil weighs 5000 lbs or more when bundled together.

A metal coil is any product made of a metal that is bulk packaged or packaged as a roll, coil, spool, wind or wrap.

For this license, you will need a New York State Commercial Driver License. Click the following link for more information about the Commercial Driver License.

For more information, contact:

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
6 Empire State Plaza
Phone: (212) 645-5550
To find the nearest DMV location, please visit the DMV's website or call the number above.

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