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Small Business Services, Department of City
The NYC Business Incentives Estimator helps businesses find and learn about city, state, and federal incentives that are directly applicable to their operations. By answering a series of questions regarding their businesses activities, location, and size, users receive a list of incentives programs they are estimated to be eligible for. Additionally, the Incentives Estimator also provides users with pro forma calculations for estimated savings with an estimated yearly benefit schedule based on their answers. Please note that the Incentives Estimator is now updated.

Incentives are savings on taxes, energy costs, and other operating costs offered to businesses that are relocating, expanding, renovating, purchasing equipment, or hiring and training employees. Incentives are intended to help businesses save money and further city, state and federal economic development goals.

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For additional information, call the SBS Hotline at 888-SBS-4NYC or 888-727-4692.

NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS)
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