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Fire and Life Safety (FLS) Director is required in any commercial building requiring Comprehensive Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan or the buildings previously requiring Fire Safety Directors. In general, any building classified as a high-rise office building, hotel or buildings that have voluntarily installed fire alarm systems with two-way voice communication systems must have a Fire and Life Safety Director on premises during regular business hours.

The FLS Director and Deputy FLS Director must hold a valid Certificate of Fitness and is responsible to implement the FDNY plan (e.g. Comprehensive Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan or Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan), to conduct FLS staff training, fire and non-fire emergency drills and other duties indicated in the Fire Code and Fire Rule.

The F-89 Certificate of Fitness (after meeting additional requirements, specified in the Notice of Examination) replaces the F-59 FS/EAP Director Certificate of Fitness.

This Certificate of Fitness is valid only at a specific location and for the specific person to whom it is issued.

For the premises without Comprehensive Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan, F-85 Certificate of Fitness is on longer accepted. All F-85 C of F holders working in such premises must obtain T-89 Certificate of Fitness.

Starting on 03/01/2020, only F-89 and T-89 Certificate of Fitness are authorized to perform the Fire and Life Safety Director Duties. F-85 Certificate of Fitness will be no longer accepted.


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