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Everything you need to know about City service.

New York City is the largest municipal government in the United States.

More than 325,000 employees work at over 60 different agencies and offices.

You can find a wide variety of opportunities through this website – from jobs in education to health to construction. Most City jobs are part of the civil service system. To get one of these jobs you will need to take an exam.

Some agencies post jobs and additional information on their own websites. To learn more about opportunities at the Department of Education, Police Department, Fire Department, Department of Correction, Health and Hospitals, Economic Development Corporation, and the Mayor's Office visit their individual sites.

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Male Department of Transportation employee

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Two female teachers

How to Apply

1. Search

There are many ways to search for jobs on this website. You can also use the Advanced Search option to search by salary, borough, civil service title, and more!

(Government jobs have their own vocabulary. Check out our glossary on the right if you have any questions.)

2. Create an account

To apply for a job, you will need to set up an account using an email address. You can search for job postings before creating an account.

Current City Employees can access the NYC Jobs Portal and must apply for jobs by using NYCAPS Employee Self-Service (ESS).

Applications submitted through the public NYC Jobs Portal by current City employees will not be processed.

3. Apply for jobs

You can apply for as many jobs as you want! Be sure to follow all of the instructions on the NYC Jobs Portal and submit all the required information.

After you apply, the hiring agency will review your application. Only applicants being considered for an interview will be contacted.

Job Description Glossary

  • Job ID: How you and the City can keep track of job postings

  • Business Title: What you're called at work

  • Civil Service Title, Title Code No., and Level: These are the job's classifications in the civil service system.

  • Job Category: The responsibilities and functions of this job

  • Career Level: How the city tiers its job levels: Entry Level, Experienced (Non-manager), Manager, or Executive

  • Proposed Salary Range: Varies based on your experience

  • Work Location: Where you'll work

  • Division/Work Unit: What part of the agency you'll be working in

Career Resources

Eligibility Requirements ▼

Learn about citizenship, residency, civil service, and background checks.

U.S. Citizenship: For most jobs, you do not need to be a citizen. All applicants must be legally authorized to work in the United States and will be required to submit proof of eligibility.

Residency: Requirements vary by job although the majority of jobs require that you live in New York City.

Civil Service: See section on Civil Service below.

Past Convictions: You can still get a job with the City of New York if you were convicted of a crime. Unfair discrimination against persons previously convicted of one or more criminal offenses is prohibited unless there is a direct relationship between the offense(s) and the employment sought, and the granting of the employment would involve an unreasonable risk to property or the safety or welfare of specific individuals or the general public.

Background Check: If you are selected for employment with the City of New York, you will be investigated to confirm you are qualified for the position. You will be asked to provide a detailed history of your employment, education, residences, etc. Any false statements made during the investigation can disqualify you from employment or bar you from any future employment with the City. If you provide false information you will also be subject to criminal prosecution. Fingerprinting is required for all applicants selected for employment. If you are selected for employment you will also be responsible for paying fingerprinting fees, payroll processing fees, and/or the oath of office fee.

Two female Park Rangers

Male police officer

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A Department of Sanitation employee speaks at a podium

Civil Service

Civil service law requires that candidates for most New York City jobs take and pass an exam before they can be hired. These jobs are called the "competitive class." These exams test individuals on the skills and abilities that they need to do the job. They are administered by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS).

1. Learn about the exams

Each title has a different exam based on the skills the job requires. For example, a clerical associate and a sanitation worker will both need to take an exam to get hired, but they will take different tests.

There are two different types of civil service exams:

  • Open competitive exams are open to members of the public.
  • Promotion exams are only open to current City employees.

The Notice of Examination (NOE) for each exam lists the qualifications for the position, the types of tests required (written, practical, and/or physical) and the date(s) of the test.

2. Check the calendar

Some agencies are always hiring, and they give exams for those positions all year long. Other exams may only be offered every few years.

The Annual Civil Service Exam Schedule is published every July. It lists the exams that will be taking applications in the upcoming months.

The Monthly Application Schedule shows a list of each month's open exams.

3. Sign up

You must apply online in order to take an exam.

For most exams, applicants must apply several months before the test date, during the exam's filing period. Filing periods are listed on the exam schedule. Those who apply will be invited to take the test at a later date.

For other exams, applicants may sign up for a specific test date either online or at one of DCAS' Computer-based Testing & Applications Centers (CTACs).

4. After the test

After each exam, the City creates an "eligible to hire" list. This list has all candidates who passed the exam, ranked in score order.

When an agency has a hiring need, it will contact candidates for interviews in order of their ranked scores.

These civil service lists are typically kept for a duration of four years.

More questions about navigating this site? Technical difficulties? Send us a message! ▼

If you have questions about your exam, you may contact DCAS Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) at 212-669-1357. Please have your exam number and social security number when you call.

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