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The Waterfront Vision and Enhancement Strategy was released on March 14, 2011.

The Waterfront Vision and Enhancement Strategy is a two-part plan of action for creating a long-term sustainable blueprint for New York’s 520 miles of waterfront, which includes:

  1. Vision 2020: New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan establishes long-term goals for the next decade and beyond

  2. New York City Waterfront Action Agenda sets forth 130 priority projects to be implemented within three years

The Waterfront Vision and Enhancement Strategy will reconnect New Yorkers and visitors to the water and reclaim New York City’s standing as a premier waterfront city by transforming the City’s waterfront with new parks, new industrial activities and new housing. And it will capitalize on the City’s waterways – the “Sixth Borough” - to promote water-borne transportation, recreation and natural habitats.

The Waterfront Vision and Enhancement Strategy is a multi-agency effort led by the Mayor’s Office, Department of City Planning, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation to fulfill new requirements established by the City Council for ongoing comprehensive waterfront planning and management.

Click on the left pages to learn more about the Waterfront Vision and Enhancement Strategy, and to read Vision 2020 and the Waterfront Action Agenda.

Recent News
Action Agenda Progress
  NYSDEC and DEP Sign Draft Agreement to Improve Harbor Water Quality:
On October 19, 2011, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and New York City Department of Environmental Protection reached a draft agreement to improve harbor water quality by reducing combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into area water bodies. Under the agreement, which is open to public comment, DEP will implement adaptive, cost-effective green infrastructure systems to capture stormwater runoff on 10% of impervious surfaces in combined sewer drainage areas over the next 20 years. In total, the agreement will result in $2.4 billion in public and private green infrastructure investments, and $1.6 billion in grey infrastructure investments to reduce CSOs.
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