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About the Program

“These students are going to be part of the global community and the sooner they get a foothold in it the better prepared they will be for the future.”
New York City teacher

Global Partners Junior is the global awareness program that connects New York City youth to their peers around the world on the internet. Students ages 9 to 12 communicate online using an original curriculum that guides their conversations and activities throughout the school year. Now in its seventh year, Global Partners Junior operates in more than 40 New York City and 75 international locations, serving some 2,300 students in classroom and after-school settings from Accra to Vancouver.

Schools around the world communicate with their New York City peers in all five boroughs, working on a shared curriculum. 2012-13 participating cities include  Accra, Berlin, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Cuernavaca, Delhi, Dublin, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Karachi, Lima, London, Melbourne, Mexico City, Mumbai, Paris, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver and Warsaw.


Global ConnectionsProject-based learning and online communication reinforce vital literacy, technology, and critical thinking skills needed for success in today's interconnected world.  Global Partners Junior develops interest in diverse cultures, getting our urban youth to think beyond their city blocks. Projects teach students to take pride in their local communities and find innovative ways to make their cities stronger, often applying what they have learned from their international peers.   Students engage with one another using a social media platform and create multimedia projects using a variety of technology.


21st Century SkillsAn original curriculum provides a structured framework for online dialogue. The curriculum theme rotates annually and has focused on sustainability, city parks, urban life and local business.  The 2012-13 curriculum, "Urban Stages" focuses on theater in cities around the world.


Global Partners Junior was developed by NYC Global Partners, the not-for-profit organization located in the Mayor’s Office that connects the City of New York to cities around the world, in cooperation with the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation.  In New York City, it was piloted in Parks’ Computer Resource Centers in 2004 and then expanded to after-school sites supported by the NYC Housing Authority, CAMBA, Goodwill Industries, United Activities Unlimited and the New York Public Library.  In 2010, NYC public schools offered the program for the first time during the school day, and Global Partners Junior has been integrated into social studies, language arts, computer and homeroom classes. 

NYC Global Partners provides professional development training, student workbooks and support services to schools and after-school providers implementing the program. Providers are responsible for providing computers and internet access, and designating a staff person to lead the students throughout the school year.  To learn how to enroll, contact nycglobalpartners@cityhall.nyc.gov.

Watch a 3 minute video about Global Partners Junior at www.nyc.gov/globalpartners/youth.
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