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Archives of Rudolph W. Giuliani
July 11, 1996

(Questions are paraphrased)

Q This question was not recorded, but was most likely about Netanyahu's familiarity with New York issues.

"He was very informed: he knew about the crime reductions, he knew about the compstat program, the quality of life program, and I invited him at some point when he comes back to go to one of those sessions."

Q Did Netanyahu express any opinions about American Jews?

"He talked about his feelings about New York which are very warm. I think the Prime Minister feels very very much at home in New York City. He feels like this is a city he's lived in, this is a city he's part of, and I think he knows that the people of New York City have very very warm feelings for him. They remember him as being one of the most dynamic UN ambassadors ever from any nation and someone who really understands this city."

Q Is the Jewish community really unified behind Netanyahu?

"Well, I think there are unified warm feelings for the Prime Minister. There are disagreements on policy. But the Prime Minister is a politician, he's a leader and he understands that there are differences of opinion and that not everyone in the City of New York agrees with his policies and that everyone in the Jewish community doesn't. That's what democracy is all about. He's very much used to that, and he actually is a remarkably skilled leader. He'd be a terrific American politician; we're all very lucky that he's not running against us."

Q If Netanyahu were an American politician, what party would he be in?

"Well, I suspect I know the party, but I'm not going to say."

Q Do you have plans to see Neytanyahu again?

"Who knows? I might bump into him in Central Park."

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