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  City Hall Library Notes, September 2009


By Christine Bruzzese

Since the early nineteenth century, public schools have provided quality education to New York City's children. . This article highlights some resources in the City Hall Library collection concerning elementary and middle schools.

The Fourth "R": Rethinking Remediation in the Elementary Schools was published by the Educational Priorities Panel in 1989. This report presents the results of a study of remediation programs in nine elementary schools. Issues considered are funding, monitoring and regulation of such programs, staffing and working with parents. Problems are discussed and recommendations for improvement are given.

Course of Study and Syllabus in Reading for Elementary Schools: Grade 1A - Grade 6B was published in 1930 by the Board of Education. The publication outlines methods for teaching reading and offers sample courses of study for the teacher to utilize. There are similar historical curriculum guides in the CHL collection that may be of interest to the researcher.

All Work and No Play: a Survey of Access to Physical Activity in New York City Public Elementary Schools is a report of the Public Advocate from 2004. In this survey, the Public Advocate's Office studied 100 elementary schools in order to determine if the schools offered adequate physical education programs. Findings revealed various problems. These include: schools with no physical education programs, lack of trained physical education teachers, no provision of the state-mandated time for physical education classes each week, etc. The findings are discussed and recommendations for improvement are presented.

Middle School Task Force Report was completed in 1988 by the Task Force, appointed by the Board of Education. This group of education professionals, parents and others examined curriculum, structure, staffing, parent and community involvement and other issues. Problems and needs are discussed with recommendations provided.

Consult the vertical files for newspaper articles and other clippings on schools and related topics in education.

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