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  City Hall Library Notes, November 2006


Staten Island is the southernmost borough of the five comprising New York City. It was named Staten Eylandt by the original Dutch settlers after the States General, the governing body of the Netherlands, according to the Encyclopedia of New York City. This article highlights some publications about Staten Island that are located in the City Hall Library collection.

Memorial History of Staten Island, New York by Ira K. Morris was originally published in 1898. This two-volume work provides a history of the borough from prehistoric times to the late nineteenth century. Included are descriptions of the settlement of Staten Island, the borough during the American Revolution, cultural and social life, government, short biographies of prominent residents and more.

Staten Island: Gateway to New York by Dorothy Valentine Smith chronicles the history of Staten Island from Native American days to 1964 when the Verrazano Narrows Bridge was built. The author provides background on the historic homes, famous residents, and development of the borough and problems that Staten Island residents were facing in the 1960's such as increasing industrialization and the preservation of natural lands from real estate developers.

Department of City Planning and City Planning Commission often publish studies, urban renewal plans and statistical reports relating to various neighborhoods and boroughs. One example is Staten Island: Zoning to Preserve Neighborhood Character. Prepared by the Commission in 1989, it summarizes zoning problems and proposed changes for different Staten Island neighborhoods.

In the early 1990's, the possibility of Staten Island seceding from New York City was being considered by Staten Islanders, and borough and city governments. The Mayor's Task Force on Staten Island Secession was created to study the issues involved and report on the impact of secession on New York City and Staten Island. Several reports were published by the Task Force including: Staten Island Secession: the Impact on City Workers and Staten Island Secession: the Price of Independence. They examine such issues as budget, tax revenues, residency requirements for the work force, employee pensions and fringe benefits, effect of secession on public transportation services and more.

2005 Staten Island Comprehensive Economic Development Policy Strategy was compiled by the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Task Force with the assistance of the U.S. Economic Development Administration and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. It details the current economic conditions in each Staten Island neighborhood, discusses the Task Force's objectives and strategies to develop and improve the economy and briefly reviews past strategies of the Task Force. Statistical charts and tables plus maps are included.

Vertical files offer articles and other clippings on different Staten Island neighborhoods, history and population. Catch up on the latest borough news by browsing through the Staten Island Advance newspaper, retained for the current plus one previous month in the City Hall Library.


The following publications were received by the City Hall Library in the month of October. Additional government publications can be found online in our Government Publications section.

Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation.
Report on consolidated financial statements, for the years ending June 30, 2006 and 2005.

Citizens Budget Commission.
Public authorities in New York State. April 2006.

Common Cause.
The $2,100 Club: what New York State political campaigns cost, how much those costs are rising and who's footing the bill. A Common Cause/NY Report. March 2006.

Con Edison.
Comprehensive report on the power outages in Northwest Queens in July 2006. October 12, 2006.

Educational Priorities Panel.
Adding up the numbers: the education budget under Mayoral control. Bulletin No. 1 (11/8/05) and Bulletin No. 2 (1/20/06).

Koseff, Jack.
Widening the new: investing in the potential of the New York City Workforce System. A report issued by the office of New York City Council member Gale A. Brewer. October 23, 2006.

Miles, Martha.
Good stories aren't enough: becoming outcomes-driven in workforce development. Philadelphia: Public/Private Ventures, July 2006.

NYPIRG. Straphangers Campaign.
More than one in four payphones in subway stations don't fully work. . . May 2, 2006.

NYPIRG. Straphangers Campaign.
"Pokeys" awarded for slowest buses. . . October 2006.

NYPIRG. Straphangers Campaign.
Subway cars are dirtier. . . May 16, 2006.

National Fair Housing Alliance.
Housing segregation background report: Brooklyn, New York. October 10, 2006.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
World Trade Center disaster and the health of workers: five-year assessment of a unique medical screening program. September 6, 2006.

N. Y. City. Aging, Department for the.
Annual plan summary, April 1, 2007-March 31, 2008 for Older Americans Act and New York State Community Services for the Elderly Program and Expanded In-Home Services for the Elderly Program. September 2006.

N. Y. City. Aging, Department for the.
New York City's guide to emergency preparedness for seniors and people with disabilities. September 2002.

N. Y. City. Aging, Department for the.
Ready New York: for seniors and people with disabilities. 2005.

N. Y. City. Campaign Finance Board.
The impact of high-spending non-participants on the Campaign Finance Program. 2006.

N. Y. City. City Planning, Department of.
Consolidated plan. 2006. Effective as of September 12, 2006.

N. Y. City. City Planning, Department of.
Proposed consolidated plan, 2007.

N. Y. City. Council.
A bitter pill to swallow: New Yorkers face significant Rx price disparities. October 2006.

N. Y. City. Council.
Brokered deception: the hidden perils of online real estate ads. October 2006.

[N. Y. City. Council.]
Helping New York vote: recommendations to improve voting accessibility in November. Oct. 2006.

New York Criminal Justice Agency, Inc.
Pretrial failure to appear and pretrial re-arrest among domestic violence defendants in New York City. Final Report. September 2006.

N. Y. City. Design and Construction, Department of.
Report and recommendations on additional searches for human remains at and in the vicinity of the World Trade Center site. Submitted October 27, 2006.

N. Y. City. Housing Preservation and Development, Department of.
Housing New York City 2002. By Moon Wha Lee and NYC HPD. July 2006.

N. Y. City. Independent Budget Office.
Access-A-Ride: with more riders, costs are rising sharply. October 2006. (Fiscal Brief).

N. Y. City. Juvenile Justice, Department of.
Juvenile justice report. Official newsletter of the department. Summer 2006.

N. Y. City. Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities.
Community resource directory for people with disabilities. February 2004.

N. Y. City. Police Department.
Know your rights: guide to the disciplinary process. August 2006.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Acting like adults: teenagers and dating violence. July 2005.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Cell phone savvy: a guide to getting the most our of your current and future cell phones and avoid being overcharged in NYC neighborhoods. April 2005.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Corporate hide and seek: consumers seek refund, find hidden fees. July 2005.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Crowded classes: how 4th, 5th, and 6th graders are left behind. [2002?].

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
A dangerous cycle: attorney turnover at ACS leaves children unprotected. September 2006.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Diagnosis: neglect. City fails to inspect x-ray equipment. May 2005.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Housing answers for residents of public housing: adding someone to your lease. Summer 2005.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Housing answers for residents of public housing. Summer 2006.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
The hunger hotline: help's often not on the menu. August 2006.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Investigation of child deaths in New York City shelters. June 2004.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Locked out: New York City working families unlawfully denied access to food stamps. November 2003.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Message from the Public Advocate. October 2003.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Misleading marketing: how HMO's lure Medicare beneficiaries. October 2005.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Missing the mark: HHC mammogram wait time off target. August 2006.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
A mother's right to know: New York City hospitals fail to provide legally mandated maternity information. July 2005.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
New York City's Department of Education's zero-tolerance policy for chronically disruptive students. [2004?].

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
New York City hospital maternity information 2003.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
The New York City Public Advocate's guide to the earned income tax credit and free tax preparation services. March 2006.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Patients losing patience: a performance review of New York City's STD clinics. April 2006.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
A pattern of preventable deaths: 2004 child fatality report. September 2005.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Public Advocate report advises Mayor about steps required for reform in school construction. June 2002.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Report card for Joel I. Klein, Chancellor. . . . [2006?].

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
School crowding in New York City: progress, problems, and projections. n.d. [2004?].

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Seniors at a stand-still: poor funding halts transportation for city's elderly. February 2005.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Seniors' guide to prescription drug plans in New York City, 2005. February 2005.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Shot in the dark: city fails to provide accurate information on flu vaccinations. October 2004.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Subsidy shame: city pays landlords for hazardous housing. April 2005.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Testing the waters: a look at safety at city pools. July 2006.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Undertrained, underpaid, and unprepared: security officers report deficient safety standards in Manhattan office buildings. February 2005.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Women and HIV/AIDS in New York City: the hidden epidemic. September 2003.

N. Y. City. Tax Commission.
2005 Annual report. March 2006.

N. Y. State. Education Department.
County performance: 2005-06 grades 3-8 English language arts assessments. September 2006.

N. Y. State. State Ethics Commission.
In the matter of Alan G. Hevesi, Comptroller of the State of New York: notice of reasonable cause. October 23, 2006.

New York University. School of Law. Brennan Center for Justice.
Unfinished business: New York State legislative reform. 2006 update.

Reason Foundation.
Building roads to reduce traffic congestion in America's cities: how much and at what cost? Los Angeles, CA, August 2006.

Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, Inc.
Annual report, 2005. 2006.

Sierra Club.
Pollution and deception at Ground Zero: how the Bush administration's reckless disregard of 9/11 toxic hazards poses long-term threats for New York City and the nation. [August 2004].

Sierra Club.
Pollution and deception at Ground Zero revisited: why it could happen again. New York, [2006].

United Hospital Fund.
Change for the better: annual report 2005-2006. 2006.

U.S. Geological Survey.
Hydrogeology and water quality of the Pepacton Reservoir Watershed in Southeastern New York. 2004.

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