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  City Hall Library Notes, May 2006


Macy's, B. Altman's, Saks Fifth Avenue and Abraham & Straus are just some of the great department stores that have been located in New York City. Others like IKEA and Filene's Basement are relative newcomers. Retail stores, large and small, are an essential New York business. This article highlights some publications on department stores, shopping malls and the retail business.

Bloomingdale's 100: Perspectives on a New York Tradition celebrates the centennial of Bloomingdale's in 1972. The history of the store is presented along with photographs from various time periods and historical information about New York City over the years covered. Bloomingdale's was established in 1872 by two brothers of the same name and eventually expanded in terms of physical space, number of stores and merchandise offered.

Retailing New York is a report from the Manhattan Borough President's office published in June 1996. Surveys of both New York City residents and retailers were conducted. Findings and analysis are shown in the report. Case studies of seven shopping areas such as Arthur Avenue in the Bronx and Fulton Mall in Brooklyn are presented along with discussion of the typical users/shoppers, access to the stores, private and public investments, strengths and challenges. The retail economy in the city is also examined and recommendations for the future are offered.

Great Merchants of Early New York: "The Ladies' Mile" by Joseph Devorkin offers historical sketches of several New York retailers that opened for business on the famous "Ladies' Mile." This shopping area extended from 14th and the Union Square area, up Broadway to 23rd Street in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Many stores such as Lord & Taylor, Henri Bendel, F.A.O.Schwarz, and Bergdorf Goodman started here before eventual relocation or closure. Included are contemporary and historical photos and excerpts from original newspaper advertisements for the stores.

IKEA Red Hook: Final Environmental Impact Statement prepared by AKRF, Inc. and other consulting firms for the Department of City Planning is a study of conditions on the site of a proposed IKEA furniture department store. The report, required by law, as part of the land use process, discusses the socioeconomic factors, waterfront, environmental conditions and hazards and various other key elements.

Consult the vertical files for articles and other materials on retail stores and shopping malls. Find out more about shops, merchants, the retail business and what they contribute to the city's social life and economy.


The following publications were received by the City Hall Library in the month of April. Additional government publications can be found online in our Government Publications section.

Cartagena, Juan.
Voting rights in New York 1982-2006: a report of Renew the New York: March 2006.

Center for the Urban Future.
More hard times for New York's working families. March 2006.

Citizens Budget Commission.
Old assumptions, new realities: the truth about wages and retirement benefits for government employees. New York: [2006].

Correctional Association of New York.
When "free" means losing your mother: the collision of child welfare and incarceration of women in New York State. A report of the Women in Prison Project. New York: February 2006.

Dwyer, J. C.
Hunger and obesity in East Harlem: environmental influences on urban food access. September 13, 2005. New York: New York City Coalition Against Hunger, [2006].

Fund for the City of New York.
2006 Sloan Public Service Awards.

Horowitz, Sara, et al.
Creative workers count: New York City's arts funding overlooks individual artists needs: 2006 report. New York: Freelancers Union, 2006.

N. Y. City. Citywide Administrative Services, Department of.
Charter mandated provisional report by agency in time periods. Feb. 28, 2006.

N. Y. City. Comptroller.
Audit of the Department of Education's administration of the high school admission process. April 12, 2006. (Report no. 7697)

N. Y. City. Comptroller.
Follow-up audit on the financial and operating practices of the Queens County Public Administrator. April 24, 2006. (Report no. 7700)

N. Y. City. Comptroller.
Audit report on the compliance of Staten Island Minor League Holdings, LLC (Staten Island Yankees) with their lease, January 1, 2003 - December 31, 2004. April 21, 2006. (Report no. 7699)

N. Y. City. Comptroller.
Audit report on the financial practices of the New York City Marketing Development Corporation. April 10, 2006. (Report no. 7696)

N. Y. City. Comptroller.
Follow-up audit report on the Department of Buildings data center. April 7, 2006. (Report no. 7695)

N. Y. City. Comptroller.
Follow-up audit on the financial practices of the Office of the Actuary. April 19, 2006. (Report no. 7698)

N. Y. City. Elections, Board of.
Annual report 2002. Prepared under the direction of the Commissioners of Elections. August 2003.

N. Y. City. Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of.
Tuberculosis Control Program. Information Summary, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.

N. Y. City. Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of. Office of Public Health Engineering.
2005 NYC beach surveillance and monitoring program summary. October 2005.

N. Y. City. Homeless Services, Department of.
The health of homeless adults in New York City: a report from the New York Departments of Health and Mental Hygiene and Homeless Services, December 2005.

N. Y. City. Interagency Coordinating Council on Youth.
Annual report, fiscal year 2004.

N. Y. City. Interagency Coordinating Council on Youth.
Annual report, fiscal year 2005.

N. Y. City. Landmarks Preservation Commission.
2 Park Avenue: designation report. April 18, 2006. (Designation List 372 - LP-2185)

N. Y. City. Landmarks Preservation Commission
Stewart and Company Building: designation report. April 18, 2006. (Designation List 372 - LP-2185)

N. Y. City. Mayor. Commission to Combat Police Corruption.
A follow-up review of the New York City Police Department's Performance Monitoring Unit. April 2006.

N. Y. City. Parks and Recreation, Department of.
Fresh Kills Park: draft scope of work to prepare a generic environmental impact statement. April 21, 2006.

N. Y. City. Transitional Finance Authority.
Annual report 2003, 2004, 2005.

N. Y. State. Chief Administrator of the Courts.
Twenty-seventh annual report for calendar year 2004.

N. Y. State. Health, Department of.
New York State Managed Care Plan performance: a report on quality access to care and consumer satisfaction. 2005.

New York State Statistical Yearbook: 30th edition revised and expanded. Albany: Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, 2005.

New York University School of Law. Center for Law and Economics.
The effect of community gardens on neighboring property values. March 2006. (Law & Economics Research Series Working Paper No. 06-09)

Pratt Center for Community Development and Habitat for Humanity New York City.
Reforming New York City's 421-A Property Tax Exemption Program: subsidize affordable homes, not luxury development. New York: [2006].

Restaurant Opportunities Center for New York (ROC-NY) and the New York City Restaurant Industry Coalition.
Dining out, dining healthy: the link between public health and working conditions in New York City's restaurant industry. April 2006.

United States Census Bureau.
Domestic net migration in the United States: 2000-2004. Issued April 2006.

United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Surveillance for World Trade Center: disaster health effects among survivors of collapsed and damaged buildings. Atlanta, GA: U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, April 7, 2006. (Morbidity and mortality weekly report surveillance summaries)

United States General Accounting Office.
Governing auditing standards by the Comptroller General of the United States. Washington: USGPO, 2003 edition.

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