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  City Hall Library Notes, May 2004


The following publications were received by the City Hall Library in the month of April. Additional government publications can be found online in our Government Publications section.

AKRF, Inc. IKEA Red Hook: draft environmental impact statement. Prepared for IKEA and N.Y. City Department of City Planning. (CEQR No. 03DCP041K) April 26, 2004.

Allee King Rosen & Fleming, Inc. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center rezoning: D.E.I.S. Submitted to N.Y. City. Dept. of City Planning. June 1, 2001.

Allee King Rosen & Fleming, Inc. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center rezoning: F.E.I.S. Prepared for N.Y. City. City Planning Commission. November 16, 2001.

Alliance for Downtown New York. State of Lower Manhattan, 2003. [2004]

Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Inc. (CFE) Making the right to a sound basic education a reality. Report on CFE's Sound Basic Education Task Force. March 1, 2004.

Center for an Urban Future. CUNY on the job: the city new workforce workhorse. April 2004.

Duncombe, William, et al. Education finance reform in New York: calculating the cost of a "sound basic education" in New York City. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University, 2004.

Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. World Trade Center Memorial and Redevelopment plan: final generic environmental impact statement. April 2004. 3 volumes.

N.Y. City. Comptroller. Audit report on the contract of Project Hospitality, Inc. with the Department of Homeless Services to operate Hospitality House on Staten Island. April 30, 2004. (Report no. 7552)

N.Y. City. Comptroller. Audit report on the development and implementation of the Department of Investigation Livescan Fingerprint System. April 6, 2004. (Report no. 7547)

N.Y. City. Comptroller. Audit report on the development and implementation of the Omniform System by the New York City Police Department. April 30, 2004. (Report no. 7551)

N.Y. City. Comptroller. Audit report on the effectiveness of the Department of Transportation in maintaining its automotive inventory. April 22, 2004. (Report no. 7550)

N.Y. City. Comptroller. Audit report on the parks enforcement patrol of the Department of Parks and Recreation. April 9, 2004. (Report 7548) N.Y. City. Comptroller. Audit report on the payroll, timekeeping, and purchasing practices of the Board of Correction. April 7, 2004.

N.Y. City. Comptroller. Second follow-up audit report on the data processing controls and procedures of the Department of Homeless Services. April 16, 2004. (Report no. 7549)

N.Y. City. Council. Preliminary budget response fiscal 2005. 5 parts. March 2004.

N.Y. City. Environmental Protection, Department of. Expanded waterfowl management program: final environmental impact statement. Report and executive summary. April 13, 2004.

N.Y. City. Fire Department. Strategic plan 2004-2005. January 1, 2004.

N.Y. City. Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of. Take care New York: ten steps to a longer and healthier life. March 2004.

N.Y. City. Landmarks Preservation Commission. H.H. Richardson House, 45 McClean Avenue, Staten Island. March 30, 2004.

N.Y. City. Landmarks Preservation Commission. Murray Hill historic district extensions. March 30, 2004.

N.Y. City. Transportation, Department of. Traffic rules. April 2, 2004.

New York State Commission on Education Reform. Ensuring children an opportunity for a second basic education: final report. March 29, 2004.

N.Y. State. Comptroller. Administrative Board for the Public Administrators: Kings County Public Administrator: selected aspects of estate administration. April 19, 2004. (Report 2002-N-11)

N.Y. State. Comptroller. Impact of Wall Street on jobs and tax revenues. April 2004 (Report 1-2005)

N.Y. State. Comptroller. New York State and metropolitan area employment trends. April 2004. (Report 2-2005).

N.Y. State. Deputy Comptroller for the City of New York. Assessing the Empire Zones Program: reforms needed to improve program evaluation and effectiveness. April 2004. (Report 3-2005)

New York Temporary State Commission on Lobbying. Annual report 2003. [2004]

Queens Borough Public Library. New Americans Program. Queens Borough Public Library Service Areas: births to foreign-born mothers, 2001. Spring 2004.

Queens Borough Public Library. New Americans Program. Queens Borough Public Library Service Area: a language and ethnic profile based on the 2000 US census. Spring 2003.

U.S. Geological Survey. Total mercury and methylmercury in fish fillets, water, and bed sediments from selected streams in the Delaware River Basin, New Jersey New York, and Pennsylvania, 1998-2001. 2004.

Urbitran Associates, Inc. NYCDOT bus ridership survey and route analysis. Prepared for the N.Y. City Department of Transportation. August 2003.


Do you want to learn something about the first woman candidate for a borough presidency? (Dorothy Bell Lawrence, Republican, Manhattan, 1961). What was Michael Quill best known for? (Leadership of the Transport Workers Union during the 1966 transit strike). When did Fiorello LaGuardia’s wife die? (September 22, 1989). The City Hall Library’s collection of biographical clippings holds the answers to such questions. Over 150 binders feature newspaper and magazine articles, press releases and other writings on the famous and obscure. Consult the biographical files for career information, personal and educational background, accomplishments and disasters in the lives of New York City politicians and others.

Clippings are arranged alphabetically by last name. Material on mayors and other major figures, such as Robert Moses, are kept separately from the other binders. Time and again, this has proven to be an important information trove for researchers, city employees, students and others. Please feel free to come in and ask the staff for assistance in using this valuable source.


The Biography Clippings Collection plus the examples below indicate how the Library’s collections can bring to bear a variety of tools for the serious researcher.

We have hundreds of book length biographies of New York City figures and others. A sampling of subjects:

John Adams
Alphonse Bertillon “The father of scientific detection”
Shirley Chisholm
James Duane
Horace Greeley
Fiorello LaGuardia (11 biographies)
Emma Lazarus
Vito Marcantonio
Gouverneur Morris
Robert Moses (4)
Constance Baker Motley
Frederick Law Olmstead (5)
Adam Clayton Powell (5)
Franklin Delano, Eleanor, Theodore and other Roosevelts
Margaret Sanger
William Marcy “Boss” Tweed
Jimmy Walker
William Zeckendorf
. . .and many others, including those now obscure to the famous.

We also have standard biographical compilations, such as:
The Dictionary of American Biography (11 volumes plus supplements)
Appleton’s Cyclopaedia of American Biography (6 volumes)
Who’s Who in America
Who Was Who in America
Who’s Who in New York (volumes from 1904 to 1947)
Who’s Who in the East

Other biographical information may be gleaned from the New York Times Index, 1857 to present, various encyclopedias in our collection, and numerous other sources.

For more info on the City Hall Library, please visit our website.

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