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  City Hall Library Notes, December 2010


By Christine Bruzzese

The New York City Department of City Planning estimates that from 2005 to 2030, the number of New Yorkers, age 64 and older, will increase from 922,000 to more than 1.35 million. These numbers reflect national and global trends. This article features some resources in the City Hall Library collection on the elderly.

Promoting Positive Aging: Report on 2005-2007 was published by the New York City Department for the Aging (DFTA). This publication presents an overview of the accomplishments of DFTA during the two years covered.

Another Department for the Aging publication is Older Population in New York City: Mobility and Self-Care Limitations. Utilizing 1990 federal census data, this report presents information by community district in each borough on the numbers of senior citizens who have limited mobility and need assistance in taking care of everyday personal needs. Comparisons are made to the population age 16 to 64.

Age-friendly NYC: Enhancing our City's Livability for Older New Yorkers was prepared by the Mayor's Office and City Council in collaboration with the New York Academy of Medicine. Through meetings, focus groups, seminars and review of city agency programs, key issues facing older New Yorkers were identified. This report presents a series of initiatives and recommendations for improving the quality of life for older New Yorkers as part of the Age-friendly NYC program.

United Neighborhood Housing of New York published Aging in the Shadows: Social Isolation among Seniors in New York City in 2005. UNH studied various issues involving social isolation of the senior population and what steps could be take to provide the support needed.

Other sources include vertical files plus publications from the Department for the Aging, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and other city and state agencies.

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