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  City Hall Library Notes, December 2006


By Christine Bruzzese

New York City has established itself as one of the world’s fashion centers. The city is home to designer showrooms, retail outlets and fashion publications such as Women’s Wear Daily. This article highlights some publications on fashion and the Garment District.

City of New York Golden Anniversary of Fashion is a commemorative booklet published in 1948 by the Mayor’s Committee for the Commemoration of the Golden Anniversary of the City of New York. Featured are a history of fashion in New York City, designer and manufacturer advertisements and advice on proper dress for men and women. Photographs and sketches enhance the text and offer visual perspective on changes in fashion.

Through the Eye of the Needle: Immigrants and Enterprise in New York City’s Garment Trades by Roger D. Waldinger, published in 1989, examines the rise of the immigrant entrepreneur in the New York garment industry from the end of World War II to the 1980’s. Areas covered include history of the garment industry in the city, growth of firms run by immigrants, conditions that permit the rise of such businesses and more.

Trends in the New York Clothing Industry by Leonard A. Drake and Carrie Glasser was a study undertaken for the Mayor’s Business Advisory Commission in 1942. This report analyzes the garment industry at the time, points out problems and provides ideas for future expansion and change. Statistics on production, employment and earnings are given for New York City and the United States.

New York City Garment Center Study: Program and Zoning Recommendations was prepared by the Policy Analysis Division of the Office for Economic Development, the Department of City Planning and the Public Development Corporation in 1986. This study reviews the economic situation in the Garment District at the time. Pertinent concerns included the development of the commercial real estate market and its effects on the garment center, the possibility of loft conversions, environmental issues and competition from imports. Recommendations for zoning, assistance to business owners and improved services are presented.

Consult the vertical files for articles and other clippings on the garment industry and related issues such as economy, fashion and style and the Garment District neighborhood.


The following publications were received by the City Hall Library in the month of November. Additional government publications can be found online in our Government Publications section.

Children’s Defense Fund.
Losing ground: the unanticipated increase in uninsured children in New York State. Nov. 2006.

Citizen’s Budget Commission.
The Armonk agenda: next steps for fiscal reform in New York State. October 2006.

Citizens Union of the City of New York.
Citizens Union voters directory: general election. A nonpartisan guide to informed voting. November 7, 2006.

Institute for National Urban Mobility, Inc.
Vision 42: an auto-free light rail boulevard for Manhattan’s 42nd Street. Overview with three technical studies. September 2005.

N. Y. City. Art Commission.
Conservation of the New York City Hall portrait collection. [2006].

N. Y. City. City Planning, Department of.
Proposed consolidated plan 2007. (Submitted version). 2006.

N. Y. Council. Hospital Closing Task Force.
A prescription for New York City’s health care crisis: recommendations of the . . . Task Force. November 2006.

New York City Criminal Justice Agency, Inc.
Predicting the likelihood of pretrial re-arrest for violent felony offenses… Final report. Nov. 2006.

N. Y. City. Cultural Affairs, Department of.
Annual report. 2006.

New York City Deferred Compensation Plan.
Comprehensive annual financial report. 2005.

N. Y. City. Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of.
Learn about tuberculosis: what everyone should know. [2006].

N. Y. City. Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of.
NYC vital signs. Teenage girls and cigarettes. August 2006.

N. Y. City. Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of.
Tuberculosis services in New York City: a quick guide for health care providers. 2006.

N. Y. City. Housing Preservation and Development, Department of.
The Bushwick initiative: year one. Progress report. 2006.

N. Y. City. Housing Preservation and Development, Department of.
Housing snapshot: a summary of New York City’s housing market. September 2006.

N. Y. City. Independent Budget Office.
Access-a-ride: with more riders, costs are rising sharply. (IBO Fiscal Brief). October 2006.

N. Y. City. Landmarks Preservation Commission.
Amendment to City and Suburban Homes Company First Avenue Estate. (Designation list 383). November 21, 2006.

N. Y. City. Landmarks Preservation Commission.
George B. and Susan Elkins House: designation report. (Designation list 381). October 24, 2006.

N. Y. City. Landmarks Preservation Commission.
New York Cab Company stable: designation report. (Designation list 382). November 14, 2006.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Help wanted: Department of Education misses opportunities to connect students with health care careers. November 2006.

N. Y. City. Public Advocate.
Improving access to city services, fiscal year 2006. [2006].

N. Y. City. Rent Guidelines Board.
Housing NYC: rents, markets and trends 2006. 2006.

N. Y. City. Voter Assistance Commission.
2006 voter awareness month: calendar of events from September 14th to October 13th. [2006].

N. Y. City. Youth and Community Development, Department of.
Annual report. 2005.

N. Y. City. Youth and Community Development, Department of.
The New York City youth guide to summer fun 2005. [Also for 2006].

Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA.
Where is the Metropolitan Transportation Authority on transit oriented development? October 2006.

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