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  City Hall Library Notes, December 2004


Greenwich Village has long been known as a home to artists and writers and a center for bohemians and free thinkers. The City Hall Library offers many fascinating resources to give you background and history on this famous enclave of Manhattan.

Greenwich Village and How it Got that Way by Terry Miller offers a history of the neighborhood as if the reader is taking a walking tour. Starting from Christopher Street and ending up in the East Village, the author provides background information and anecdotes along with photos and drawings of notable buildings, sites and people. Learn about the Electric Circus disco, Grace Church, the New School and what people like Eugene O’Neill, Henry James and Sophie Tucker were doing in Greenwich Village.

The Italians of Greenwich Village: The Social Structure and Transformation of an Ethnic Community by Donald Tricarico studies the Italian immigrant population in the Village after World War I. its development and restructuring as second generation Italians came of age and assimilated. Included are discussions of changing social customs, the role of the church, organized crime and Italian-American involvement in politics.

Inside Greenwich Village: A New York City Neighborhood, 1898-1918 by Gerald W. McFarland, describes a neighborhood populated by mixed races, ethnic groups and economic classes. There were conflicts but often unity during a crisis. The effects of progressive politics and social changes are discussed as well. Republic of Dreams Greenwich Village: The American Bohemia, 1910-1960 by Ross Wetzsteon., focuses on the political, literary and artistic movements and people who helped make the reputation of the neighborhood as a center for bohemianism and original thought. Edna St. Vincent Millay, Eugene O’Neill, Bob Dylan, Margaret Sanger and Jackson Pollock were among those in the forefront. New York’s Greenwich Village by Edmund T. Delaney traces the history of the Village from Colonial days to the late 1960’s with drawings and photos to accompany the text.

City agency materials include Landmarks Preservation Commission Historic District Designation Reports for Greenwich Village and the MacDougal Sullivan Gardens District. Also, City Planning has issued reports on urban renewal and zoning for the area. Try the neighborhood files on Greenwich Village and East Village for news and magazine articles. All these resources and more can prove fascinating and useful to anyone interested in this corner of New York.


The following publications were received by the City Hall Library in the month of November. Additional government publications can be found online in our Government Publications section.

Center for an Urban Future.
Between hope and hard times: New York’s working families in economic distress. [November 2004].

Dixon, Lloyd and Rachel Kaganoff Stern
Compensation for losses from the 9/11 attacks. Santa Monica, CA: Rand Institute for Civil Justice, 2004.

Geismar, Joan H.
Stage 1A archaeological documentary research: the Harlem River Yard, Bronx, New York. Prepared for TAMS Corporation. December 1992.

Geismar, Joan H.
Stage 1B field testing: Harlem River yard Transportation and Distribution Center site, Bronx, New York. April 1993.

Greenhouse Consultants Incorporated.
Data recovery 100 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY. Prepared for the Hudson Companies Inc., Brooklyn, NY. August 2004.

Greenhouse Consultants Incorporated.
A historical and archaeological sensitivity assessment of blocks 218, 223, 224, and 595 (West). Prepared for Parsons, Brinckerhoff, Quade & Douglas, Inc. July 2003, revised October 2003.

Historical Perspectives, Inc.
Cemetery and domestic site documentary study: Manhattanville rezoning in West Harlem, New York, New York. Prepared for AKRF, Inc. September 2004.

Historical Perspectives, Inc.
Cultural Resource Assessment, Croton Water Treatment Plant, Mosholu Golf Course, Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx County, NY. Prepared for New York City Department of Environmental Protection. May 2004.

London, Marilyn R.
New York City Hall Park: analysis of partial, scattered, and incomplete human skeletal remains recovered during the 1999 renovation of the Park. [2004].

N.Y. City. City Planning Commission.
Greenpoint-Williamsburg rezoning: draft environmental impact statement. (CEQR No. 04DCP003K). October 4, 2004.

N.Y. City. City Planning Commission.
No. 7 Subway Extension Hudson Yards Rezoning & Development Program: final generic environmental impact statement. (CEQR No. 03DCP031M). November 2004.

N.Y. City. Comptroller.
Bootleg billions: the impact of the counterfeit goods trade on New York City. November 2004.

N.Y. City. Council.
An assessment of Staten Island Ferry service and recommendations for improvement. A staff report. November 2004.

N.Y. City. Council.
Keeping score: can you judge a school by its report card? September 30, 2004.

N.Y. City. Council.
Lost in space: science education in New York City public schools. November 17, 2004.

New York City Criminal Justice Agency.
Annual report on the adult court case processing of juvenile offenders in New York City, January through December 2003. November 2004.

N.Y. City. Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of.
New York City’s rodent control program: status report, August 2003-August 2004.

N.Y. City. Management and Budget, Office of.
City of New York State budget initiatives. State fiscal year 2004-2005.

N.Y. City. Management and Budget, Office of.
Preliminary ten-year capital strategy: fiscal years 2004-2013. January 28, 2003.

N.Y. City. Management and Budget, Office of.
Ten-year capital strategy: fiscal years 2004-2013. April 15, 2003.

N.Y. City. Public Advocate.
District managers rate 311: citizen service needs improvement. September 2004.

N.Y. City. Public Advocate.
Shot in the dark: City fails to provide accurate information on flu vaccinations. October 2004.

N.Y. City. Public Advocate.
Sluggish start: school repairs left undone. September 2004.

N.Y. City. Rent Guidelines Board.
Housing NYC: rents, markets, and trends 2004.

N.Y. City. Small Business Services, Department of.
Streetwise and business savvy: best practices and accomplishments from New York City’s BIDs. [2004].

N.Y. State. Deputy Comptroller for the City of New York.
Review of the proposed financial plan and capital program for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. (Report No. 7-2005). October 2004.

N.Y. State Task Force on Election Modernization.
Voting in New York in the 21st Century. April 2002.

STV Incorporated.
Environmental assessment for Mart 124 Redevelopment Project, New York, NY. Prepared for the N.Y.C. Department of Small Business Services. October 8, 2004.

United Health Foundation.
America’s health: state health rankings. 2004 edition.

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