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Date: Friday, December 1, 2000

Release #451-00


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Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani-joined by Board of Education Chancellor Harold O. Levy and Police Commissioner Bernard B. Kerik-today announced the release of the First Annual Joint Committee on School Safety Report.

The report concludes that "A preliminary assessment of the effectiveness of the transfer, based upon both objective and subjective criteria, indicates that there has been measured improvement of school safety." Specifically:

"This report presents the hard evidence that our transfer of the School Safety Division to the Police Department was smart policy," Mayor Giuliani said. "It's made the Division much more efficient and effective. But most importantly, it's made our schools and our students safer."

"One of my chief priorities is a safe and orderly environment in our schools," Chancellor Levy said. "I look forward to continued improvement in the area through our partnership with the New York Police Department."

The Division of School Safety was transferred from the Board of Education to the New York Police Department on December 20, 1998, pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) executed on September 17, 1998. Since the transfer, school safety agents have become NYPD employees and NYPD has become responsible for managing school security personnel.

"The NYPD is pleased to see that our unprecedented success over the past few years in reducing crime throughout New York City is carrying over into the City's schools," Police Commissioner Kerik said. "The ultimate goal of incorporating the School Safety Division into the NYPD was to provide a safer learning environment for both students and teachers. A 17% drop in criminal incidents over the last school year tells us that we are meeting that objective, and I am confident that our schools will become even safer in the months and years ahead."

The MOU also created the Joint Committee to coordinate ongoing matters post-transfer and to evaluate performance and produce annual evaluations of the operation of the Joint Security Program. The Joint Committee members are: Raymond Diaz, Commanding Officer, Division of School Safety, NYPD; Adam L. Barsky, Director, Office of Management and Budget; Steven M. Fishner, Mayor's Criminal Justice Coordinator; Michael Hess, Corporation Counsel; Birdie Blake-Reid, Director of Funded and Community Resources, Board of Education; Joyce Coppin, Director of Recruitment and Training, Board of Education; Burton Sacks, Chief Executive for Community School District Affairs, Board of Education; Chad Vignola, General Counsel to the Chancellor, Board of Education.

This report is the first such annual evaluation, and it reviews and evaluates the operation of the joint security program from its inception through the end of the 1999-2000 school year (December 20, 1998 through June 30, 2000). Other important findings of the report include:

Complete copies of the report can be obtained through the Mayor's Press Office, or through the Board of Education: (718) 935-4330.

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