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Monday, April 17, 2000

Release #135-00

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-Remarks by Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani at Public Hearing on Local Laws-

The first bill before me, Introductory Number 510, sponsored by Council Members Carrion, Henry and Linares, would name Cameron Place, between Jerome Avenue and Morris Avenue in the Bronx, as "Anthony Baez Place."

Anthony Baez was born in the Bronx on September 20, 1965, to Iris and Ramon Baez. Anthony initially grew up in the Fulton and Claremont Avenue area of the Bronx and attended P.S. 110. Later his family moved to Cameron Place in the University Heights area, where he attended P.S.79 and Intermediate School 137, as well as DeWitt Clinton High School, where he graduated in 1988.

After graduation he attended Bronx Community College for two years and then relocated to Orlando, Florida, where he enrolled in Valencia Community College. Unfortunately, on December 22, 1994, while playing football with his brothers during a visit to the Bronx for Christmas, Anthony Baez died after an incident involving Police Officer Francis Livoti. Mr. Livoti, following an acquittal in New York State court, was fired by Police Commissioner Safir. Thereafter, Mr. Livoti was convicted in Federal court, and is currently in Federal prison.

While nothing can compensate for the loss of a son or a brother, this small act in commemoration of Anthony's life will hopefully demonstrate the City's profound sorrow for the loss that the Baez family has suffered. Therefore, to commemorate his life, it is fitting that Cameron Place between Jerome Avenue and Morris Avenue be named "Anthony Baez Place."

For the reasons previously stated, I will now sign the bill.

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