New York City Police Pension Fund
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Tier 2 Retirement Services

Potential retirees should telephone the Retirement Counseling Unit at the Police Pension Fund (212) 693-5733 for an appointment three (3) to four (4) weeks prior to filing for retirement. Filing for retirement must be done in person at least ten (10) days prior to the start of "terminal leave" and at least thirty (30) days prior to date of retirement. Patrol Guide procedure 205-42 authorizes an administrative tour be granted to members who appear at the Police Pension Fund to file for retirement.


Applications for Accident or Ordinary Disability Retirement are made at the Medical Division, 1 Lefrak City Plaza, 59-17 Junction Blvd., Corona, NY 11368. Applicants will be notified when to appear before the Medical Board for examination. After the examination, the Medical Board will report to the Board of Trustees with a recommendation for approval or disapproval of the disability application. After the Board of Trustees meeting, members are advised of the decision and provided with other information pertaining to the decision.



This form must be completed and signed by the commanding officer in the retiree's permanent command and delivered by the retiree to the Police Pension Fund, Retirement Counseling Unit. The caption "next scheduled tour after leave, except terminal leave" must be entered on this form. This is the date a member wishes to start terminal leave.

Retirees must bring the following items to the Police Pension Fund:

  • Shield

  • Identification Card

  • Retirees who are not NYC residents must bring a copy of the NYPD Property Clerk invoice for all firearms listed on the FORCE RECORD CARD

NOTE: The following equipment is to be turned in at the member's command.

  • Mace

  • Helmet

  • Fuel Card

  • Metro Card

Retirees must also have the following information for health insurance: 

  • GHI, HIP or other health plan card

  • Spouse's date of birth and social security number

  • Date of marriage

  • Date(s) of birth of dependent children and social security number(s).

  • If spouse is employed and has health insurance, bring pertinent information.

New York City residents who wish to acquire a New York City Pistol License should make arrangements with the NYPD License Division prior to retirement to ensure their permits will be processed by their retirement date. Pistol License applications will still be given out in our retirement packages. However, we can no longer provide you with fingerprint cards because the License Division will be using "live scan" technology to process applications.

Non-city residents appearing at the Police Pension Fund must voucher their firearms in New York City prior to appearing at the Police Pension Fund. If you are no longer returning to work, you must provide a copy of the voucher before the retirement process begins. In all other cases, a copy of your voucher must be brought to the Police Pension Fund before your start of terminal leave or if waiving, before your retirement date. For questions regarding firearm licenses outside New York City, please contact your respective county or municipality.

During processing, individual questions will be answered. Retirees will be advised regarding health insurance, pension options, employment restrictions, withholding tax, etc. The member's actual retirement date will be set at this time. An estimate of the final pension allowance and the amount of the partial allowance will also be determined.
The estimate you receive when you are present to file for retirement will not be recalculated until you are finalized. Any additional overtime, night differential and worked vacation you earn between your processing date at the Police Pension Fund and your actual retirement date will be added when your retirement is finalized. Any difference in the monthly averages between time of retirement and finalization will be included in lump sum payout after finalization.

Retirees are entitled to take all of their accrued time, vacation and terminal leave (on average, three (3) days per year of service) after their last day on duty. Vested retirees are not entitled to terminal leave. During this time, they remain on the active payroll. Service retirees and vested separations may withdraw their retirement applications prior to going off the active payroll. To do so, you must appear at the Police Pension Fund in person at least one (1) business day prior to your retirement date. All accrued time and vacation must be exhausted prior to the start of terminal leave. This time cannot be “banked” if a member withdraws a retirement application after he/she has started terminal leave, that member must work thirty (30) days to be eligible for annual leave for the next calendar year.