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Welcome to the New York City Police Pension Fund Web site, our continuing effort to provide superior service to our 36,000 active members and 43,000 retired members of New York’s Finest. Since being established in 1857 as the "Police Life and Health Insurance Fund" the Police Pension Fund continues to provide the highest professional standard of service to our members. Our Web site provides this standard with easy access to information concerning all your pension needs. A host of general information can be found on this site regarding benefits, recent pension legislation, agency contacts, and a frequently asked questions section. We hope that you find the information and services provided on this site to be useful and we are proud to be "Serving the Finest."






Tier 2 Summary Plan Description (PDF)
Tier 3 Summary Plan Description (PDF)

Retirement Services
The Police Pension Fund Retirement Counseling Unit counsels approximately 2000 of New York’s Finest yearly, to prepare them for retirement. The link below will explain the complete process of a NYCPPF retirement including a comprehensive retirement booklet.
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Loan Services
The Police Pension Fund Loan Services Unit services pension loans for all Police Pension Fund’s active members. The link below will give you important information regarding Pension Loans, Deferred Compensation Loans, Final loans, etc.
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Membership Services
The Police Pension Fund’s Membership Services Unit is the first interaction that our members have with their Pension Fund. The link below will give you insight on buybacks, shortage requests, credited service, etc.
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NYPD’s WTC Medical Questionnaire

The questionnaire is for all those who have a WTC Exposure # from the Medical Division during 2001/2002. To receive an appointment to attend one of the screening weeks the Active or Retired member has to fill out the questionnaire online first and then the Medical Division will call them back to schedule time/date an appointment. 

September 9, 2022

Please be advised that on September 9, 2022, the Governor signed Chapter 561 of the Laws of 2022 extending the deadline to file a Notice of Participation in the Rescue, Recovery, and Clean-Up Operations at the World Trade Center Site to September 11, 2026. Because of that, the Fund will NOT be open on September 11, 2022 to accept NOPs. If you have not filed, please continue to submit your notarized forms via mail or webCOPS.

Notice to Active Members re: Annual Pension Statements

Please be advised that the Police Pension Fund will distribute Annual Statements on Friday, March 18h 2022 between the hours of 0800-1500. Parent commands are notified to report to the Woolworth Building lobby, 19th floor Reception desk, located at 233 Broadway, to pick up Annual Statements for themselves and their subunits.  Please note: Individual members are not permitted to pick up statements in person.

Members who do not receive a copy of their Annual Statement by Wednesday, March 30th, 2022, or who have general questions regarding the statement, may contact the Fund by:

  • Sending a secure message utilizing webCOPS at
  • Writing to the Executive Director, NYC Police Pension Fund, 233 Broadway, NY NY 10279.
  • Emailing (please include your name, tax number, and call back phone number with your email).
  • Contacting the Annual Statement hotline at 212-693-2699. Please leave a message and someone will get back to you.

Note: If you have been transferred in the recent past and did not receive your Annual Statement at your command, please reach out to your previous command before contacting the Pension Fund.  

Additionally, COVID protocols are still in effect. Anyone picking up annual statements must wear a mask and adhere to social distancing requirements.

NYC Police Pension Fund Response to COVID-19

While the Fund is now open for in-person business, we ask that you utilize online member self-service when possible. Members who have registered can submit forms and ask questions via secure message. Non-affidavit forms do not require notarization if uploaded via webCOPS. If you have not registered for webCOPS, please do so by going to

You may file for retirement, or schedule an appointment to retire, by emailing Retirement Counseling at  Appointments can be for virtual or in-person sessions. If you appear at the Fund for your appointment, you may only bring one guest with you and we ask that you not appear more than 15 minutes before your scheduled time.  Members without an appointment, but who wish to file immediately, will be processed via telephone.

Members wishing to discuss pension transactions or pension related matters should call 212-693-5100.

For inquiries regarding webCOPS, members are directed to call the Call Center at (646) 905-5596 from 0900x1700 hours.

Beginning on June 1, 2022, Deferred Compensation loan requests must be submitted to the Police Pension Fund (original forms onlywalk-ins or by mail). The Fund will submit your completed application to Deferred Compensation for processing.

When completing the form, please include your name, address, and only the last four digits of your social security number.  Please be advised, all Deferred Compensation forms must be notarized. Deferred Compensation forms cannot be uploaded through webCOPS.

You may also mail or drop off any forms or documents to:
New York City Police Pension Fund
233 Broadway 25th Floor
New York, NY 10279

We’ll continue to post updates here. Thanks again for all of your patience and support.

Chapter 431 Buyback – Tier 3 Cadet Bill

This law allows current Tier 3 members who served in the NYPD Cadet Program in the title of Police Cadet or Police Cadet II prior to April 1, 2012 and did not join NYCERS while serving in the Cadet title, to purchase their Cadet service with the Police Pension Fund.

This service purchase is for membership status only and does not count as uniformed police service.

Eligible members are entitled to all rights, benefits, and privileges that he or she would have been entitled to upon the earliest date of being hired as a Police Cadet. This would allow Tier 3 members who were Cadets to move to Tier 3 Original or Tier 2 from either Tier 3 Revised or Tier 3 Original depending on their hire date with the Cadets.

The cost of this buyback is all contributions that would have been payable to NYCERS, had the member joined on the earliest eligible date. In addition, the member is responsible for interest at the rate of 5% on these contributions from the Cadet hire date to the date payment is complete.

Applications must be made and payment must be completed by October 29, 2024.

Eligible members can apply to purchase this service using Form 146.


Tier 3 Enhanced Contributions:

Tier 3 Enhanced members will have an additional contribution rate of 1% applied and deducted from biweekly paychecks beginning December 15, 2017. For more information regarding Tier 3 Enhanced, please visit the updated Tier 3 Summary Plan Description by clicking here .



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