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For people with mobility disabilities:
Accessible entrance
Wheelchair access throughout event space
Accessible restrooms
Designated seating areas for people in wheelchairs (e.g., for performances)
Seating throughout event space (for example, benches in galleries)
Portable stools available
Wheelchairs available for use at event/venue
Walkers available for use at event/venue
Valet parking available
Reserved parking for people with disabilities
For people who are blind or have low vision:
Large-print map or floor plan
Large-print brochures or programs
Large-print labels
Tactile map or floor plan
Braille brochures or programs
Alternative format (digital) materials
Audio guides
Verbal description, live
Verbal description, recorded
Verbal description of video
Tactile objects or diagrams
Guided touch tour available
Trained sighted guide available
For people who are D/deaf or hard of hearing
Notepad & pencils or other spontaneous written communication method available
Assistive listening devices
T-coil compatible ALDs and audio guides
Induction loops or FM transmitters
Transcripts for audio materials
Closed captioning for video available
Open or live captioning of event/video
Qualified ASL interpretation
Tours or events conducted in ASL
Other accommodations
Family/unisex restrooms
Quiet spaces available
Accommodations for animals (e.g., freedom to leave and re-enter event/venue to relieve animal, water available)
Water / beverages allowed or available at event
Food allowed or available at event
Fragrance-free environment
Multi-sensory or interactive activities
Free or reduced cost admission for companion or caregiver


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