The New York City taxi is a core element of the cityscape, like the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty. Taxis are also the workhorses of the City's transportation system - moving 600,000 people per day - making them indispensable to the City's economy. The Taxi of Tomorrow is a bold effort to redesign the vehicle to better meet the needs of passengers, drivers, owners and New York City residents.


The vehicles traditionally used as taxicabs are very high-quality cars - but they aren't perfect. They weren't designed with the very special demands of New York City in mind, or for taxicab service. Drivers aren't usually able to pick which car they drive, and taxi owners generally select vehicles based on price rather than comfort, accessibility or the carbon footprint of the vehicle. In fact, many elements of the vehicle - including the partition - aren't part of the vehicle's original design. We're aiming to do better. We believe taxis can be comfortable, iconic, accessible and "green" -- without sacrificing ease of use and durability.

We're looking for a vehicle that meets the particular needs of New York City and of taxi passengers, drivers and owners. We're looking for a forward-thinking manufacturer that will be a dependable partner for New York City and the taxicab industry. We're looking for the Taxi of Tomorrow. And we want your help. This website provides a look at the taxi fleet of today, and shows the options for the Taxi of Tomorrow. We're asking for your input. Click here to see the choices and to tell us what's important to you. Thank you for visiting our website - and remember to buckle up and enjoy the ride!