Institue for Medical Simulation & Advanced Learning
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Fast Facts

Fast Facts
General Information
  • Provides state-of-the-art simulation-based education to all HHC facilities
  • 10,000 square-foot facility on Jacobi Medical Center campus

Teaching Modalities
  • Hi-fidelity patient mannequins
  • Part-task trainers
  • Role play scenarios, including confederates and standarzized patients
  • Standardized patient scenarios
  • Hybrid scenarios employing combinations of above modalities
  • Virtual reality simulators
  • Screen-based simulation

Physical Modalities of Course Delivery
  • Simulation center-based instruction
  • Multipurpose training rooms at hospitals using a mobile program

Six simulation rooms
  • Rooms replicate OR, ER and ICU environments
  • Mannequins are used in scenarios to teach crisis resource management, team training, and team communications using TeamSTEPPS
  • Audiovisual system captures simulated scenarios to aid the debriefing process following scenarios

Four exam rooms
  • Standardized patients (live actors) portray patients presenting specific illnesses
  • Learners assess and diagnose the patient (actor)
  • Audiovisual system captures simulated scenarios for playback during debriefing sessions following scenarios

Task trainer room
  • Part-task and virtual reality trainers (simulators) derived from video gaming industry used for teaching/practicing clinical skills
  • Available trainers include surgery, OB/GYN laparoscopy, surgical laparoscopy, bronchoscopy, endoscopy, difficult airways, birthing emergencies and central lines placement

Conference and debriefing room
  • Audiovisual system allows for debriefing, video conferencing, capturing procedural skills, remote access and viewing web-based instructional videos