Institue for Medical Simulation & Advanced Learning
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IMSAL HHC Home page

High Fidelity Mannequins
4 Laerdal SimMan 3G
2 Laerdal ALS Simulators with VitalSim Control Units
1 Laerdal Nursing Anne with VitalSim Control Unit
1 Laerdal 1-year Old with VitalSim Control Unit
2 Gaumard NOELLE Maternal & Neonatal Birthing Simulators
1 Gaumard Newborn HAL
1 Gaumard Premie HAL
1 Gaumard 5-year Old Pediatric HAL
3 METImen Prehospital

Part-Task Trainers
13 Simulab CentralLineMan
6 Simulab TraumaMan with FAST Modules
2 Simulab FemoraLineMan
2 Simulab VascularAccessChild System
1 Simulab TraumaChild System
10 Simulab Basic Open Surgical Skills (BOSS) Trainers
3 Laerdal Prompt Birthing Simulators
5 Limbs & Things AirSim Bronchi Trainers
5 Limbs & Things Advanced Venous Management Arms

Virtual Reality Trainers
1 Simbionix LAPMentor System II with Haptics
1 Simbionix GI-Bronch Mentor System

Special Medical Equipment
2 Verathon Mobile Cobalt Glidescopes
2 Sonosite S-Vascular Ultrasounds

Audiovisual System
Education Management Solutions (EMS) Arcadia Solution
  • Total Skills Center Software
  • Total SIM Software
  • Total Digital AV
  • MobilSIM