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Opiod Users Motivated To Stay in Treatment Longer

With help from navigators and a seamless admissions process, award winning program at Kings County Hospital Center keeps patients from abandoning drug treatment early, which can set back recovery from addiction.

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Heart Disease a Common Challenge For the Mentally-Ill

HHC psychiatrists and clinicians coordinate medical and mental health services to care for the whole person and help reduce risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions.

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Profile of the Month

Angel Rojas

   • 21 years maintaining hospital grounds

   • Volunteers as Auxiliary Police

   • Known as "Gentle Giant"

“What we do is just as important as what the medical staff does inside. Would you bring your mom here if there was garbage all over?”

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Dr. Raju Next
HHC President

HHC in the News

Actors Help HHC Doctors Improve Care to Teens

NY1 News, 1/28/2014

Doctors Stress Using Common Sense Measures to Keep Body Heated During Cold Temperatures

NY1 News, 1/7/2014

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