Plaza RFPs

See below for exciting opportunities to work with DOT in creating vibrant and engaging public plazas in NYC.

Fordham Plaza

Fordham Plaza taken from building along 189th Street in the Bronx.

DOT invites all interested parties to submit proposals for a concession opportunity at Fordham Plaza by June 6th, 2019. Proposers can also attend site visits to the plaza to get in-depth information to help with their proposal. See below for links to the RFP, as well as a timeline for submissions.

RFP's RFP Release Date Plaza Site Visits Proposal Submission Date Meetings with Proposers(if any) Appendices
Café Building RFP 4/1/19 4/23/19 10AM and 5/15/19 10AM 6/6/19 Week of 6/17/19 Café Manual
Kiosk RFPs 5/2/19 5/15/19 11AM 6/6/19 Week of 6/17/19