DOT Performance Reporting

Sustainable Streets Index

Cover of Sustainable Streets Index Report 2008

Together with the DOT Sustainable Streets strategic plan, the Sustainable Streets Index allows the agency to implement more performance-driven transportation policy, geared toward achieving the sustainability, mobility, infrastructure and quality of life goals set forth in the City's PlaNYC 2030 initiative.

The Sustainable Streets Index provides data on recent trends in traffic, parking, travel and safety. It also includes a section on "project indicators", an assessment of 12 major DOT projects completed by the end of 2008. This assessment covers the impacts on safety, usage for motor vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, bus riders and/or travel times in the project areas. Learn more and read the report

Citywide Accountability Program

DOT began performance metrics tracking in January 2001. Originally, this performance reporting was part of the Citywide Accountability Program, which applied the Police Department's highly successful COMPSTAT program's approach to other City agencies.

The collection and analysis of statistical information enables agency decision makers to make policy or operational changes in order to provide effective delivery of services. The data was posted online, which allowed the public to track its progress. DOT measurements on a monthly basis included the number of new traffic signals installed and traffic signal studies completed, the Staten Island Ferry's on-time performance, the number of disability parking permits issued to citizens with disabilities and the number of construction permits issued to allow work on City streets, the number of roadway lane miles paved and potholes repaired, and the number of bridge inspections and the amount of graffiti removed from the City's bridges.

Citywide Performance Reporting

The citywide program is now called Citywide Performance Reporting (CPR) and is available on the web site of the Mayor's Office of Operations. The Citywide Performance Reporting tool is an online performance tracking tool that will help make City agency performance transparent and accountable. CPR identifies where service delivery by city agencies is trending in a positive or negative direction. It represents a collection of data from more than 40 City agencies in an easy-to-use online snapshot format.

The enhanced CPR site allows for tracking of a greater variety of DOT programs. The DOT programs that now are tracked on the CPR site include measurements of our street paving and other street work, disabled access at street corners, pothole repair, highway cleanliness, providing operational parking meters, bicycle network connectivity, the average time to repair traffic signals, traffic signs and street lights, vehicular travel times, pedestrian volumes, bridge ratings, the Staten Island Ferry's on-time performance, and installation of bus shelters and newsstands.

DOT data can be found in the Infrastructure section on the CPR web site by using the agency-specific dropdown menu.