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Technical Policy And Procedure Notice #1/06



March 24, 2006


Accessory Bathroom and Kitchen Facilities in Connection With Commercial and/or Manufacturing Uses




Zoning Resolution §12-10 prohibits accessory living and sleeping accommodations in C7, C8, and Manufacturing districts. These guidelines set forth the scope of acceptable accessory bathroom and kitchen facilities in connection with commercial and/or manufacturing uses in such districts.


Departmental Memorandum dated February 18, 1982


  1. Bathroom facilities adjacent to and off public hallways:

    1. Public bathrooms are permitted with multiple sinks, toilets and urinals.
    2. Bathtubs and showers are not permitted either within a public bathroom or off a public hallway.
    3. A janitor's closet with a sink is permitted.

  2. Facilities within individually-tenanted units:

    1. Bathrooms are not permitted in individually tenanted units: no toilets, sinks, showers or tubs.
    2. Plumbing stacks for future use are not permitted.
    3. One sink may be permitted in an individually tenanted unit, e.g. slop sink, or sink in connection with a darkroom or employee pantry area.
    4. Stoves with burners, cooking tops and ovens/broilers are not permitted.

  3. Configurations not complying with this Policy and Procedure Notice are to receive an objection.

  4. Notwithstanding the above, accessory bathrooms (without tub or shower) within individually tenanted units may be permitted as follows:

    1. Large commercial tenant occupying space above the ground floor and providing communal bathroom(s) for workers may provide one additional private bathroom serving an executive office.
    2. Ground floor commercial or manufacturing establishment directly accessible from the street may be provided with individual bathrooms.