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October 4, 1999

Contact: Geoff Ryan (718/595-5371)

New York City Opens New Land To Hunting

Commissioner Joel A. Miele Sr., P.E., of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced today the locations of lands that the Department is opening for hunting during the 1999 deer season, including an additional week for the "muzzle loading" season. He also lauded the Tremperskill Hunting and Fishing Club for participating as a partner in helping to oversee some of the lands near the Pepacton Reservoir in the Towns of Andes and Colchester.

"For the first time ever," said Commissioner Miele, "the City is opening up lands for deer hunting at the Pepacton Reservoir — 2,200 acres that had served exclusively as protective buffers around the reservoir. We are also allowing hunting this year on properties in Ulster and Putnam Counties that were acquired recently as part of our watershed protection program -- over 500 acres in Ulster County and some 600 acres in Putnam County. DEP will continue to make over 10,000 acres at the Cannonsville Reservoir available to hunters, as it has for the last 23 years. All of the parcels were carefully reviewed to ensure that hunting activities would be compatible with water quality protection and public safety."

"I want to thank the Sporting Advisory Committees for working so closely with us in reviewing and identifying the lands that are appropriate for hunting, as well as for other recreational uses," said Commissioner Miele. "I also want to thank the members of the Tremperskill Hunting and Fishing Club for joining us as partners in helping to post signs and oversee the property at the Pepacton Reservoir. This partnership will serve as a model for cooperation between DEP and hunting clubs across the watershed."

The City has always allowed fishing and boating for the purpose of fishing at its reservoirs under permit. As part of the Watershed Memorandum of Agreement, the City agreed to open up some of its newly acquired lands to recreational activities such as hiking, fishing and hunting. It also agreed to review the lands it already owned at the reservoirs for their suitability for recreational activities. The determination on what activities were appropriate for each site was made after consultation with Sporting Advisory Committees and officials of the towns in which the land is situated.

The properties open for limited deer hunting in 1999 are: in Delaware County - the Cannonsville Cooperative Deer Hunting Area (10,200 acres ) in Tompkins and the Flynn Brook Compartment (2,200 acres) near the Pepacton Reservoir in the Towns of Andes and Colchester; in Ulster County - the Big Indian Unit (240 acres) and the Sheridan Mountain Cluster (91 acres) in Shandaken, the South Mountain Cluster (188 acres) in Olive; in Putnam County - the Putnam Valley Unit (195 acres) in Putnam Valley, and the Whangtown Road Unit (414 acres) in Kent.

Hunters interested in hunting on the newly-opened lands must apply for a DEP permit, have a valid New York State Hunting License, and agree to adhere to conditions and rules for hunting on water supply lands. The permits are free of charge. Maps of properties open for hunting will be sent to applicants with their permits. Permits will not be required at the Cannonsville Reservoir area this deer season, but will be in 2000. For rules, maps and other information about hunting at Cannonsville, hunters should call the DEP Police at 607/363-9000.

Applications for DEP's hunting permits will be mailed to hunters who write or phone:

Hunting Permit Manager

NYCDEP Stewardship Program

71 Smith Avenue, Kingston, NY 12401


Applications will also be available by mid-October at:

  • DEP's Web site (http:///www.ci.nyc.ny.us/dep)
  • Town Halls in Andes, Colchester, Olive, Shandaken, Kent and Putnam Valley,
  • DEP's Permit Offices in New York City, which are open during normal
  • business hours, Monday through Friday:
Customer & Conservation Services
1250 Broadway (8th Floor)
New York, NY 10001Corona,
One-Stop Center (First Floor)
96-05 Horace Harding Expressway
NY 11368


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