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March 24, 2010


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Statement of NYC Environmental Protection Commissioner Cas Holloway On the Water Research Foundation’s Plan to Conduct Workshops On the Effects of Natural Gas Drilling in Local Watersheds

"The Water Research Foundation's plan to conduct workshops to analyze the effects of natural gas drilling in local watersheds is welcome news. Here in New York City, we are directly confronting the risks of a new drilling technique, called hydraulic fracturing. Our own research already indicates that this method to extract natural gas within our upstate watershed has the potential to seriously contaminate our drinking supply or compromise water system infrastructure, which provides more than one billion gallons of drinking water each day to nine million New Yorkers. Clearly that is not acceptable and we will continue to do everything necessary to protect our vital natural resources. But more research on this topic is good news, especially as it relates to how this type of drilling affects localities, like New York City, that depend on unfiltered water supplies. These workshops will provide critical insight and analysis into this issue and we are happy to fully participate."

DEP manages the City's water supply, providing more than 1 billion gallons of water each day to more than 9 million residents, including 8 million in New York City, and residents of Ulster, Orange, Putnam and Westchester counties. New York City's water is delivered from a watershed that extends more than 125 miles from the City, and comprises 19 reservoirs, and three controlled lakes. Approximately 7,000 miles of water mains, tunnels and aqueducts bring water to homes and businesses throughout the five boroughs, and 7,400 miles of sewer lines take wastewater to 14 in-City treatment plants.

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