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August 24, 2009


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NYC Water Named 2009 Best Tasting Drinking Water for Metropolitan Region

“It is great to be recognized once again for the tasty, clean drinking water that New Yorkers have known and loved. Our tap water has found its way to New York’s heart and palate. It is a validation of the tireless work that the men and women of the NYC Department of Environmental Protection perform each day to uphold the quality and integrity of the drinking water for 8.3 million City residents and its visitors. Upholding the high quality and integrity of our drinking water which New Yorkers have come to expect is a priority for the Bloomberg Administration, which has committed to a PlaNYC goal to improve the reliability and long-term sustainability of New York City’s water infrastructure. This contest is a reminder of the importance of continuing to make the major investments we have made in the infrastructure that supports the water system and watershed.”

– Statement from DEP Acting Commissioner Steven W. Lawitts as NYC Wins Regional

Will Compete at NY State Fair to defend its 2008 title on September 1, 2009
New York City’s drinking water (NYC Water) was named the best tasting in the region in a competition held at the American Museum of Natural History on August 24th. The victory qualifies NYC Water to compete for the statewide championship at the New York State Fair on September 1, 2009. NYC Water is the 2008 winner. As the runner-up, Geenlawn Water District from Suffolk County will also participate in the statewide contest.

The contest is a blind taste test judged by the public and sponsored by the New York Section American Water Works Association and supported by the New York State Department of Health.

New York City is one of only five large cities in the country that has water of such high quality that it is not required by the Environmental Protection Agency to filter the majority of its drinking water.

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