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November 8, 2006

Contact: Charles G. Sturcken (718) 595-6600

New York City DEP Honors Staff at 23rd Annual Employee Recognition Day

DEP’s in-house band, The DRIPS, entertain participants performing original songs selected from their Environmental Songbook

New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Emily Lloyd presided today over DEP’s 23rd annual Employee Recognition Day Ceremony at DC 37 headquarters, at 125 Barclay Street.

The event is part of A “Quality of Work Life Lab-Management Program,” that recognizes union members who have committed their work lives to promoting the environmental health and safety of millions of New Yorkers who are served by DEP.  The Program, sponsored by the New York City Productivity Council, is co-chaired by Deputy Mayor Daniel L. Doctoroff and Executive Director of District Council 37, Lillian Roberts.  It is a Citywide project that operates in many New York City agencies. Awardees include members of nineteen of the City’s unions.*(see list)

DEP Commissioner Emily Lloyd said, “DEP is one of the City’s largest agencies.  Our activities are wide-ranging and our staff comprises many levels of excellence.  We want to thank DC 37 and the Quality of Work Life Program for convening this ceremony.  It is an important way for us to recognize and say thanks to members of our staff who are committed to the multitude of services we provide every day that keep our City running at its most efficient levels.  I also want to give special thanks to those who have won awards for outstanding service to the agency and the community this year.”

This year, over 1000 honorees will receive awards for length of service ranging from 15 to 45 years. service, as well as for perfect attendance.  Additionally, acknowledgements for, DEP’s “Serious about Safety/Eyes on Environmental Awareness program,” flood relief acknowledgements to over 200 DEP staff who assisted in flood cleanup upstate, and two Heroic Service Awards to DEP workers who risked their lives to warn residents that a fire was engulfing their building in Queens.

The Drips have been playing together as a group for three years and this year’s appearance is their third performance at the annual Employee Recognition Day.  Originally, their mutual interest in music brought them together as well as to ease some of the day’s tensions.  But they were not a very well kept secret. Word spread about their talents and they were invited to act as the agency’s “official” music group. The DRIPS are Stephen Musso, Bass, Bill Maggiulli, Guitar, Mickey Sasko, Mandolin  from the Bureau of Water and Sewer Operations, John Lento, Drums, from Management and Budget and Cecil McMaster, Reggae impressionist vocals, from the Office of  Information Technology.  They have also entertained at other DEP events, including the winners of the DEP’s annual Water Conservation Art & Poetry Contest in Prospect Park Brooklyn and at a nationwide water symposium hosted by DEP at the Museum of the American Indian in lower Manhattan

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) protects the environmental health, welfare and natural resources of the City and its residents.  The Department manages the City’s water supply, serving more than half the population of New York State with over 1 billion gallons of quality drinking water daily.  Nineteen reservoirs provide water to 8 million City residents through a network grid of over 6,200 miles of water mains throughout the five boroughs as well as an additional 1 million consumers in four upstate counties.  DEP manages 14 in-City wastewater treatment plans, and an additional nine treatment plants upstate.  DEP carries out federal Clean Water Act rules and regulations, handles hazardous materials emergencies and toxic site remediation, oversees asbestos monitoring and removal, enforces the City’s air and noise codes, bills and collects on  City water and sewer accounts, provides educational materials and resources to City schools, and manages city wide water conservation programs

*Unions Participating In the DEP QWL Program

Union President

District 1199 NHHSEU
Local 3, IBEW
Local 237, IBT
Local 246, SEIU
Local 300, SEIU
Local 621, SSEU
Local 371, SSEU
Local 375, DC37, AFSCME
Local 376, DC37, AFSCME
Local 924, DC37, AFSCME
Local 983, DC37, AFSCME
Local 1180, CWA
Local 1320, DC37, AFSCME
Local 1322, DC37, AFSCME
Local 1549, DC37, AFSCME
Local 2627, DC37, AFSCME
Local 2906, DC37, AFSCME
Organization of Staff Analysts
Retirees’ Association of DC 37                             

Dennis Rivera
John Marshell
Carl Haynes
Joseph A. Colangelo
James Golden
Joseph Giattino
Charles Ensley
Claude Fort
Gene DeMartino
Kyle Simmons
Mark Rosenthal
Arthur Cheliotes
James Tucciarelli
John Townsend
Eddy Rodriguez
Ed Hysyk
John Monks
Robert Croghan, Chairperson
Stu Leibowitz


More Information

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19th Floor
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