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December 18, 2002

Contact: Charles Sturcken (718) 595-6600

New York City DEP Asks Your Cooperation In Program To Protect New York City Water Supply System Against Pollution, Crime And Terrorism

Become a Water Watch C.O.P. (Community Outreach Program)


Calling on community residents, recreational users, hunters, fishermen, hikers and organizations to participate in a Comprehensive Community Effort To Reduce Pollution, Crime and Terrorism, DEP Commissioner Christopher O. Ward announced today that DEP has launched “Water Watch,” a community outreach program to assist DEP’s environmental police in monitoring the safety of our Agency’s water supply facilities both in-city and in the upstate watersheds.

“I am asking everyone to be the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Department’s Environmental Police,” said Commissioner Ward. “Residents who live near our in-city facilities and recreational users of our upstate watershed areas are most likely to observe suspicious, unusual or dangerous activity. DEP police are always looking for any information that will help them protect the City’s water supply lands and drinking water facilities. If you observe any questionable activities, please call the Water-Watch Hotline at 1-888 H20 SHED (426-7433). Your calls to the Hotline will generate a prompt response or proper referral, and will be held in strictest confidence,” continued Commissioner Ward.

The program is designed as a valuable addition to the City’s front-line against terrorism, pollution and crime. It will not only complement DEP’s first-class police presence, but also help to maintain the region’s pristine beauty and ensure that

  • land remains free of pollution, exploitation and illegal activities;
  • trespassers attempting access to restricted watershed land or reservoir locations are immediately intercepted;
  • recreational watershed lands are used appropriately, and
  • In-city facilities are safe for employees and protected from terrorism, vandalism and crime.

For further information about the Program or how to become a Water Watch C.O.P., Please call: 1 888 H2O-SHED.


More Information

NYC Department of Environmental Protection
Public Affairs

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