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September 17, 2002

Contact: Geoff Ryan (718) 595-6600

DEP Makes Trees Available To New York City Schools For Memorial Plantings

Commissioner Christopher O. Ward of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced today that the Department is making native trees available for schools to plant as memorials to those who lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.

"Several years ago," said Commissioner Ward, "DEP started a tree nursery project that would help to beautify the grounds at some of its wastewater treatment plants. We then initiated a pilot program to provide indigenous trees and shrubs to public schools so that teachers and students could plant them in areas that would enhance the environment around their schools and communities.

"Today, I am pleased to announce that many of our nursery's trees are long-lived trees that are suitable for use by schools as memorials. They include such classic American trees as Black, Red, Scarlet and White Oaks, Red and Sugar Maples and White Pines. DEP's horticultural specialists will be pleased to assist any public school in selecting appropriate trees and planting sites."

The original program was designed to provide school gardening programs with a variety of native trees and shrubs. The plants help to educate students on the importance of trees and shrubs as environmental and aesthetic amenities in the urban environment, and on the value of native species that are adapted to the temperature ranges, soil types and other characteristics of New York's environment.

Teachers and administrators interested in obtaining trees for memorials or in planting trees and shrubs to enhance the environment around their schools may contact DEP at 718-595-3506.


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