By accessing datasets and feeds available through the Data Mine (or the "Site"), the user agrees to all of the terms of use outlined below as well as the Privacy Policy for The user also agrees to any additional terms of use defined by entities providing data or feeds through the Site. Entities providing data include, without limitation, agencies, bureaus, offices, departments and other discrete entities of the City of New York ("City"). Where additional terms apply for a specific entity, dataset or feed, a link to those terms is provided.

Submitting City entities are the authoritative source of data available on the Data Mine. These entities are responsible for data quality and retain version control of datasets and feeds accessed on the Site. Data may be updated, corrected, overwritten and or refreshed at any time. The anticipated update frequency is indicated for each dataset on the Site. Historical datasets will not be retained.

The City reserves the right to discontinue providing any datasets or feeds on the Data Mine at any time. The City may require a user to terminate any and all display, distribution or other use of any or all of the datasets or feeds for any reason including, without limitation, violation of these Terms of Use or other terms defined by City entities contributing data to the Site.

The user should report any errors or problems accessing data on the Data Mine.

Users providing software applications using data supplied on the Data Mine must do the following:

  1. Notify the City

  2. Include the following disclaimers at the site where the application can be accessed or downloaded:

"The City of New York can not vouch for the accuracy or completeness of data provided by this web site or application or for the usefulness or integrity of the web site or application. This site provides applications using data that has been modified for use from its original source,, the official web site of the City of New York."

  1. Comply with any additional terms defined by the City entity or entities providing data used by the application, including, without limitation, requirements to include additional citations or disclaimers at the site of the application.