Community Board No. 4, Brooklyn, New York City

The Chairperson of each Community Board is a member of a board known as the Borough Board. Each New York City Borough has its own Board, comprised of the Board's Borough President, all of the New York City Council members from that Borough, and all of the Community Board Chairpersons. These Borough Boards are responsible for:

  • Community Board and city agency matters relating to the welfare of the borough and its residents;
  • Holding or conducting public hearings at its discretion;
  • Assisting agencies that deliver services within the borough to prepare and review service statements;
  • Preparing and planning for the physical growth, improvement and development of the borough;
  • Reviewing and making recommendations with respect to applications and proposals of public agencies and private entities for the use, development or improvement of land located in more than one district;
  • Mediating disputes and conflicts arising among two or more Community Boards in the borough;
  • Submitting a comprehensive statement of the expense and capital budget priorities and needs of the borough;

Keeping a public record of its activities and transactions, including minutes of the meetings, and to make these records available to elected officials upon request and for reasonable public inspection.

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