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October 1, 2021

A Department of Buildings newsletter providing the latest developments on Local Law 97

New Energy Letter Grades

A year has passed since the launch of New York City's Energy Efficiency Letter Grade Signs program, which means the new updated 2021 grades are out for our city's largest buildings.

Starting today, October 1st, property owners can obtain and print out their 2021 Letter Grade Signs from the DOB NOW Public Portal, to display their signs for the next 12 months. Per New York City law, all buildings over 25,000 square feet – and multiple buildings on a single lot that total at least 100,000 square feet – are required to display these energy grade signs at each public entrance.

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Local Law 97: Affordable Housing Guidance

The City has released new guidance on Local Law 97, the city's building emission cap law, specifically for properties located in the five boroughs that contain affordable housing units. Developed in conjunction with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development and the Mayor's Office of Climate and Sustainability, this new guidance clarifies which buildings qualify for various paths to compliance under Local Law 97 and what emission limits those buildings must meet.

While these alternative pathways are available to buildings with affordable and rent-regulated housing, that does not meant that these buildings are exempt from Local Law 97 requirements. These owners are still required to reduce their carbon emissions or they risk fines from the city.

Local Law 97 Guidance for Affordable Housing

Local Law 97 & Affordable Housing FAQs

Recovering From Hurricane Ida

Earlier this month, communities across the five boroughs were devastated by historic flooding from Hurricane Ida. In many buildings, the flooding caused significant damage to mechanical, electrical and heating systems located on the lower floors, requiring the replacement of these building systems. While this prospect might seem daunting, DOB and the NYC Accelerator are hear to help!

The Department has waived all permit fees associated with for repair work related to damage caused by Hurricane Ida. For buildings that have more than 5 dwelling units or are bigger than 5,000 square feet, our friends at the NYC Accelerator are here to help you find incentive programs and provide personalized guidance on replacing mechanical and heating equipment with high energy efficiency systems.

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