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Municipal Library Notes - September 30, 2020


Spotlight on: Census-Related Publications in Government Publications Portal

Another great resource for publications is the Department of Records and Information Services' Government Publications Portal.

The City Charter requires agencies to submit every report and publication to the digital portal maintained by the Library. Library staff continue working with agencies to gather all of these critical documents so they can be accessible to researchers in the future. The GPP Includes reports on how census data can affect the life and business of the city. This article features three examples.

Census and the City: Overcoming New York’s Digital Divide in the 2020 Census was published by the New York City Comptroller in July 2019. The report points out that the 2020 census would largely be conducted electronically. Many households in the city lack broadband connections that would enable them to complete the census online. This could contribute to undercounting the population with negative ramifications for all New Yorkers.. Using data analysis compiled by the Comptroller’s office, the report outlines the digital divide and offers ideas for improving this situation. Also included is an explanation of what city resources are affected by the census and why it is important that the count be accurate. The complete report can be found here.

Rents Through the Roof: a Statistical Analysis of Unaffordable Rents in New York City is a publication of the New York City Comptroller dated September 2012. This is a study of problems and concerns with affordable rental housing in New York City, particularly housing for middle income households. Data is presented on household income, rental costs and affordability in New York City and also as compared with the rest of the United States. Some of the information was taken from the 2010 federal census, particularly the income data. It will be interesting to see what a comparable report based on the 2020 census will reveal. The complete report can be found here.

Do a Larger Share of Students Attending the City’s Specialized High Schools Live in Neighborhoods With Higher Median Incomes than Those Attending the City’s Other High Schools? This short report from the Independent Budget Office, was published in 2015. Census tract data from the 2010 census was used in this publication. The authors concluded that students living in higher income areas are more likely to be enrolled in the city’s nine specialized high schools which require a more rigorous admissions procedure. This report is another example of how useful census data can be. The complete publication can be found here.

Visit the Publications Portal at DORIS for these and more reports based on census data. And if you haven’t completed the Census yet -

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