/*Formats for Suggested Common Recodes*/ proc format; value educ /*Education*/ 1='< High School' 2='High School' 3='> High School'; value marstat /*Marital Status*/ 1='Never Married' 2='Married/Partnered' 3='Widowed/Divorced/Sep'; value US_Born /*Nativity*/ 1='US Born (inc terr)' 2='Foreign-Born'; value for_born /*Nativity and duration in US*/ 1='US Born (inc terr)' 2='FB in US <10 yrs' 3='FB in US 10+ yrs'; value occgrp /*Occupation*/ 1='Managerial and professional specialty' 2='Sales' 3='Technical and administrative' 4='Service' 5='Farming, forestry, and fishing' 6='Precision production, craft, and repair' 7='Operators, fabricators, and laborers'; value insur /*General coverage*/ 1='Insured' 2='Uninsured'; value insurCHS /*CHS-Comparable insurance*/ 1='Government' 2='Medicare' 3='Private' 4='Other' 5='Uninsured'; value insur1f /*Type of Insurance - Private first determination*/ 1='Private' 2='Medicare' 3='Government' 4='Uninsured'; value insur2f /*Type of Insurance - Government first determination*/ 1='Government' 2='Medicare' 3='Private' 4='Uninsured'; value rtnplace /*Routine Place of Care*/ 1='1 or more places' 2='No place'; value rtnplce /*No place for routine care/type of place*/ 1='1 or more places' 2='No place or ED'; value typeplce /*Type of place most often go*/ 1='Clinic or Health Center' 2="Doctor's office" 3='ER, Hosptial Outpatient, Other'; value income 1='<$20,000' 2='$20,000+'; value income1f 1='<=$24,999' 2='$25,000+'; value income2f 1='<=$24,999' 2='$25,000-$49,999' 3='$50,000+'; value genheal /*General Health Status*/ 1='Excellent, Very Good, Good' 2='Fair, Poor'; value smoker /*Smoking Status - 3 categories*/ 1='Never' 2='Current' 3='Former'; value smker /*Smoking Status - 2 categories*/ 1='Non-Smoker' 2='Smoker' value ETS /*ETS Exposure @ Work*/ 1='ETS @ work' 2='No ETS @ work'; value heavyalc /*Heavy Drinking*/ 1='Heavy drinker' 2='Non-Heavy drinker'; value heavyalf /*Heavy Drinking*/ 1='Heavy drinker' 2='Light/Mod drinker' 3='Non-drinker'; value binge /*Binge Drinking*/ 1='Ever binged in past 12 mos' 2='Never binged in past 12 mos'; value healthus /*Physical Activity*/ 1='Mod HP2010 OR Vig HP2010' 2='Some Mod OR Vig but not HP2010' 3='No Mod AND No Vig'; value active /*Physical Activity*/ 1='Any Mod OR Vig Activity' 2='No Mod OR Vig Activity'; value BMI /*Obesity*/ 1='Normal' 2='Overweight' 3='Obese'; value BMI2f /*Obesity*/ 1='Underweight' 2='Normal' 3='Overweight' 4='Obese'; value WC /*Waist Circumference*/ 1='Normal' 2='High'; value Dbts /*Total Diabetes*/ 1='Diabetes' 2='Non-Diabetes'; value SRDbts /*Diagnosed Diabetes*/ 1='Previous Dx' 2='Never told'; value DxDbts /*Undiagnosed among Diabetics*/ 1='Previous Dx' 2='Undiagnosed'; value DxDbts2f /*Undiagnosed among Total Population*/ 1='Previous Dx' 2='Undiagnosed' 3='Non-Diabetic'; value HbA1c /*HbA1c*/ 1='HbA1c <7%' 2='HbA1c >=7%'; value HTN /*Hypertension*/ 1='HTN' 2='Non-HTN'; value DxHTN /*Undiagnosed HTN*/ 1='Previous Dx' 2='Undiagnosed'; value HTNtx /*Treated HTN*/ 1='Treated HTN' 2='Untreated HTN'; value HTNCont /*Controlled HTN*/ 1='Controlled HTN' 2='Uncontrolled HTN'; value HCL /*Hypercholesterolemia*/ 1='HCL' 2='Non-HCL'; value DxHCL /*Undiagnosed Hypercholesterolemia*/ 1='Previous Dx' 2='Undiagnosed'; value HCLtx /*Treated HTN*/ 1='Treated HCL' 2='Untreated HCL'; value col /*Colonoscopy Exam*/ 1='Received colonoscopy' 2='Did not receive colonoscopy'; value colon10f /*Colonoscopy in Past 10 Years*/ 1='Colonoscopy in past 10 years' 2='Colonoscopy more than 10 years'; value LTpart /*Number of lifetime sex partners*/ 1='1' 2='2-5' 3='6-10' 4='>10'; value MSM /*Men who have sex with men*/ 1='Yes' 2='No'; value needle /*Ever Needle Use for Drugs*/ 1='Yes' 2='No';