/*Codes for variables in the SPFile*/ proc format; /*gender*/ value riagendr 1='Male' 2='Female'; /*Race_eth*/ value race_eth 1='Non-Hisp White' 2='Non-Hisp Black' 3='Non-Hisp Asian' /*(Non-Hispanic Asian and Hawaiian/PI)*/ 4='Hispanic' 5='Non-Hisp Other' /*(American Indian, Other, Multiracial who could not select one race, and SPs missing race but Non-Hispanic)*/; /*agegroup*/ value agegroup 1='20-29' 2='30-39' 3='40-49' 4='50-59' 5='60+'; /*ageadj*/ value ageadj 1='20-39' 2='40-59' 3='60+'; /*agewt*/ value agewt 1='20-29' 2='30-39' 3='40-49' 4='50-59' 5='60-69' 6='70+'; /*racewt*/ value racewt 1='Hispanic' 2='Non-Hispanic Black' 3='Non-Hispanic Asian' 4='Non-Hispanic White/Other' /*Includes Non-Hispanic White, American Indian, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and Other*/;