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■щАSm@Л  ­?­?@­?@­?@@@Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  ­?Л  ­?@Л  @@@p2@­?­?­?@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@Л  @@@@@Л  Л  Л  ­?@­?333333@њ$Iњ$I┬?@@@@>щАSm@Я╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­? ■╠D@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?@@@­?@­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?>@@­?@@@╬эEKLЌa@ь╩>Aь╩>AЛ  @­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@ ■AЩ╩>A­?@@­?­?­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?­? ■AЖ╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@ ■AЧ╩>AЛ  @@­?­?@@@@@­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?■Aз╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@■AЛ  ­?@­?@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?■AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@■Aч╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@■AС╩>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?■Aж╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?■@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@@­?@@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@Дкѓш░rC@ы╩>Aы╩>AЛ  ­?@@@­?@@­?­?@@Л  Л  @@■Eэp@Л  @­?@­?@­?­?­?@Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  @@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@Q┼xz0Cт?­?@Л  ­?­?­?@Л  Л  @$@­?@­?­?Л  @@Л  ­?@@Hx║5;@@@@­?­?@█Хm█Хm█?@█Хm█Хm█?@@­?@@@Л  Л  ­?­?@@@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@НЅЕ>Eэp@С╩>AЛ  Л  @@@­?­?@­?­?­?­?╗  Л  Л  @­?­?­?■AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?■ђ@Л  @­?@­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?@Л  Л  Л  ­?­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  ­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  ­?Л  @@Л  ­?@@Л  @@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  ­?­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?­?А?@@@@ѓИХМ@>ђ@В╩>AЛ  Л  @@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?■Aж╩>AЛ  @­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?■J@Л  @­?­?­?­?­?@@@Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  ­?Л  ­?@Л  @­?­?E>вS$=@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  ­?­?Л  ­?Л  Л  Л  ­?­?­?@­?@@Л  @Л  Л  @­?@@@@@@@@@@7ЬйЭ>J@ы╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@╗  ­?╗  @@­?╗  ­?Л  Л  @­?­?■AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?■AЛ  Л  @@■ч  ╝6ў6!■ч  ѕ6H6>■ч  86З5A■ч  ■ч  ■ч  а5/■ч  ї55w■ч  5┤4K■ч  ц4@4a■ч  04 4#■ч  ░3O■ч  D3\■ч  03­2>■ч  Я2|2b■ч  d2н1Ї■ч  И1t1C■ч  `11C■ч  1╠0B■ч  ┤0ё0-■ч  l0­/y■ч  п/ї/I■ч  x/,/I■ч   /е.u■ч  ї.<.M■ч   .­-/■ч  Я-╚-■ч  И-љ-'■ч  x-@-8■ч  (-С,D■ч  л,ї,A■ч  t, 0,D■ч  ,н+D■ч  └+|+A■ч  d+ +D■ч   +╠*?■ч  И*x*?■ч  h*(*@■ч   *л):■ч  И)x)@■ч  \) );■ч   )╚(D■ч  ░(ё()■ч  l((N■ч  (╚'<■ч  г' P'[■ч  <'Я&[■ч  ╠&`&i■ч  L&В%^■ч  п%t%d■ч  h%%c■ч  ћ$[■ч  x$$Y■ч  ╝#P■ч  а#ђ#■ч  l##N■ч  ─"E■ч  г"t"7■ч  `""`■ч  В!ю!O■ч  ї!T!5■ч  ,!■ч   !! ■ч  ­ ▄ ■ч  ╚ ц #■ч  љ < T■ч   ■ч   Э■ч  ўM■ч  ѕ4Q■ч  $лR■ч  ИHn■ч  00■ч  н■ч  ╝`[■ч  HF■ч  цQ■ч  ћLG■ч  8Э>■ч  УїY■ч  td■ч  T­d■ч  п ѕN■ч  pn■ч  љg■ч  |X"■ч  H8■ч  (┤q■ч  аЧц■ч  С\є■ч  D╝є■ч  ц$■ч  В!■ч  г4■ч  ўLI■ч  4СM■ч  л`p■ч  HУ_■ч  лљ?■ч  ђ\!■ч  HC■ч  ­ћ[■ч  ђ8H■ч  ░i■ч  ю8a■ч  $╚\■ч  ░TZ■ч  D0■ч  ўl■ч  ѕp■ч  `O■ч  Эн#■ч  pQ■ч  L■ч  8─ q■ч  а P O■ч  8 п ^■ч  ╝ d U■ч  @ ╚ w■ч  ц  ѓ■ч   г U■ч  љ H E■ч  ( е ■ч  љ x ■ч  h L ■ч  <  ■ч   З■ч  С╚■ч  Ию■ч  ї`)■ч  L *■ч   У$■ч  ▄їM■ч  x ■ч  D)■ч  8ВL■ч  ░1■ч  t-■ч  `Вq■ч  ▄`y■ч  Pн|■ч  ─▄т■ч  ╠@і■ч  0ћю■ч  ё,X■ч  Иb■ч  е4t■ч  $─`■ч  ┤Lh■ч  ,Ч    (08@HPX`hpxђѕљўае░И└╚лпЯУ­Э (08@HPX`hpxђѕљўае░И└╚лпЯУ­Э (08@HPX`hpxђѕљўае░И└╚лпЯУ­Э (08@HPX`hpxђѕљўае░И└╚лпЯУ­Э (08@HPX`hpxђѕљўа    ░$D╝,░$ї8н╠XСh ц С@pёЯ T ћ└В D p ћ 0 ў  г P ─ @ е @ d ─ hљ LИ, ц $ѕ Э P ѕпPп <а Я  гL Ве 0Pђ ЭxС \| ­@ юЭP ─­ 8 └,ї У ( ў л Ч (!H! љ! З! h" ┤" #t# е# $ђ$­$p%Я% T& н& D' И' (t(И( ) d)└)*p*└* + p+ ╚+ , ђ, п, 0- ђ- └-У-(.ћ.(/ђ/ Я/ t0╝01h1 └1l2У283 а34 84г45 ћ5 л5п5 С5@6љ6§   ─6 DATASTEPqxversQuestionnaire Versionmood63Over the last 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by: little interest or pleasure in doing things?MOODNmood64Over the last 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by: feeling down, depressed or hopeless?MOODNmood54Over the last 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by: trouble falling or staying asleep, or sleeping too much?MOODNmood55Over the last 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by: feeling tired or having little energy?MOODNmood56Over the last 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by: poor appetite or overeating?MOODNmood57Over the last 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by: feeling bad about yourself - or that you are a failure or have let yourself or your family down?MOODNmood58Over the last 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by: trouble concentrating on things, such as reading the newspaper or watching TV?MOODNmood59Over the last 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by: moving or speaking so slowly that other people could have noticed? Or the opposite - being so fidgety or restless that you have been moving around a lot more than usual?MOODNmood61In the 12 months, have you taken a prescription medication for a mental health problem? Among those with current depression.YESNOmood62In the past 12 months, have you received any counseling for a mental health problem? Among those with current depression.YESNOmood11Was there a time in the past 12 months when you needed treatment for a mental health problem, but did not get it?YESNOnutrition46How many cups of fruit did you eat yesterday?nutrition47How many cups of vegtables did you eat yesterday?newraceRace/ethnicity variable of person interviewed (5-Cateogories) - FOR ANALYSISNEWRACENcidUnique identifier across all years of CHSsurveySurvey yearbirthsexSex assigned at birth. New in 2018, comparable to SEX variable in prior yearsSEXagegroupAge group in years (four categories)AGEGRPagegroup5Age group in years. Five categories of ageAGEGRP5Fagegroup6Age group in years. Six categories of ageAGEGRP6Fage21upAge groups 21 years or olderAGE21UPage25upAge group 25 years or olderAGE25UPage40newAge groups 40 years or olderAGE40NEWage45upAge groups 45 years or olderAGE45UPage50upAge groups 50 years or olderAGE50UPage18_64Age groups 18 - 64 onlyAGEimputed_PA08_3R_q1Meets 2008 Physical Activity Recommendations - 3 levels, version 1 only. Not comparable to 2013-14. Imputed for missing valuesPA08_3RFimputed_sexuallyactive18Sexually active during the past 12 months. Imputed for missing valuesYESNOimputed_sexpartnerNumber of sex partners in the past 12 months (continuous). Imputed for missing valuesPARTNERimputed_callpoisonSuppose a young child swallowed several adult vitamin pills. Where would you call or go for help FIRST? Imputed for missing valuesCALLPimputed_neighpovgroup4_1317Neighborhood poverty, based on percent zip code residents below 100% FPL, per ACS 2013-2017. Imputed for missing valuesNEIGHPOVGROUP4Fimputed_povertygroupHousehold annual income from all sources by poverty level. Imputed for missing valuesPOVERTYimputed_povgroup3Household annual income from all sources by 3 LEVEL poverty status. Imputed for missing valuesPOVGRP3Fimputed_pov200Household annual income from all sources, <200% FPL. Imputed for missing valuesPOV200Fimputed_helpneighbors18_catPeople in your neighborhood are willing to help their neighbors. Comparable with 2017. Imputed for missing valuesAGREEwt19_dualSurvey weight - CHS 2018wt19_dual_q1Survey weight for analysis of CHS 2018 questions only asked in long questionnairegeneralhealthSelf-reported general health statusHEALTHinsuredgateway18Insured/uninsured - created from the gateway question (wording differed b/f 07)YESNOinsure18Type of health insuranceACS07NFinsuredInsured/uninsured (created from type of insurance). Asked differently 2002-03 vs 2004-15. No gateway 2002-03YESNOinsure5Type of health insurance coverage (5 categories)INS05Fpcp18Have one or more personal care providers? (wording, response options differ between years)YESNOdidntgetcare18Needed medical care in the past 12 months, but did not get it (wording differs across years)YESNOmedcost18Difficulty getting medical care in the past 12 months due to unable to afford out-of-pocket costsYESNOtoldhighbp18Ever told by a doctor, nurse or other health prof you have hypertension, also called high blood pressure?YESNOtoldprescription18Ever told to take meds for high blood pressure (among ever told high BP)YESNOtakingmeds18Are you currently taking meds for high BP? (among those told high BP and told to take meds)YESNOcheckedbp18Checked blood pressure at home or at a pharmacy in the past 30 daysYESNOdiabetes18Ever been told you have diabetes?YESNOinsulinCurrently taking insulin, among ever been told to have diabetesYESNOtakingdiabpill18Currently taking pills for diabetes to lower blood sugar, among ever been told to have diabetesYESNOtakingdiabinjectCurrently taking injectable drugs other than insulin to lower blood sugar, among ever been told to have diabetesYESNOeverasthmaEver told by a doctor, nurse or other health professional that you had asthmaYESNOcurrentasthma18In the last 12 months have you had an episode of asthma or asthma attack?YESNOphq8scorePHQ-8 index score (continuous) based on last 2 weekscurrdepressCurrent depression (last 2 weeks)YESNOmhtreat18Among those with current depression, received counseling or prescription medication for mental health problem IN PAST 12 MONTHSYESNOtolddepression18Have you ever been told by a doctor, nurse, or other health professional that you have depression? Among those with current depressionYESNOunpaidcare_q1In the last 12 months, did you provide unpaid care to an ADULT relative or friend who has trouble taking care of themselves? Version 1YESNOunstablehousingIn the PAST 12 MONTHS, was there a time when you did not have a steady place to sleep or slept in a shelter? Among those who lived in the same home one year or lessYESNOdelaypayrentDuring the past 12 months, was there any month when you delayed paying or were not able to pay your rent/mortage?YESNOsmokerSmoking statusSMOKEReverydaySmoke every day vs some days (y/n)SOMEnumberperdaya# cigs smoked/day (every & someday smokers), continuous(imputed for missing & adjusted for days smoked)cpd18a# cigs smoked/day (every & someday smokers), categorical (imputed for missing cigs & adjusted for days smoked)CPDCATheavysmoker18aHeavysmoker(10+ cig/day) (imputed for missing cigs & adjusted for days smoked)HEAVYSMOKERFeverydaycpda# cigs smoked/day among every day smokers ONLY (imputed for missing). Use for TREND analyses '02-'18CPDCATsmokecatType of smokerSMKCATFmentholcigs18Thinking about the type of cigarettes you usually smoke, are they menthol or non-menthol?METHOLagesmk21First started smoking under age 21 (incl current smokers only)YESNOagesmkeverAge when first started smoking regularly (incl ever smokers (smoke1=1))SMOKEAGEsmoke5aAbout how long has it been since you last smoked cigarettes regularly? In months.smoke5About how long has it been since you last smoked cigarettes regularly?SMOKE5FsourcelastcigWas last cigarette you smoked from a carton, pack, single, bummed, or did you roll your ownLASTCIGcost20cigarettesCost of 20 cigarettes (pack)cigpurchase18Where did you buy the last cigarette you smoked?CIGPUR3FsmellcigsmokeHow often do you smell cigarette smoke in your home that comes from another home or apartment or from outside?CIGSMELLnonsmkbuilding_bDoes the building you live in prohibit smoking in all areas, including apartments?YESNODKusbornNativity - US (includes Puerto Rico and US Territories) or Born Outside of the USBORNhowlonginusHow long have you lived in this country? (response options changed over time)maritalstatus18Marital StatusMARITALNsexualid18SEXUALNEWunderstandsexualidDo you not understand the words, are you not sure yet, or do you mean something elseUNDSEXIDeducationEducational status (all adults 18+)EDUCATemployment18Employment statusEMPLOY07Femp3Employment status (3 categories)EMP3FbmiBody Mass Index (kg / sq in)weightallWeight in 3 categories for all (with and without BMI)WTweight18in4Weight all with f/u info & in 4 categories, under weight as a separate categoryWEIGHTweight18in5Weight all with f/u info & in 5 categories, under weight and very obese as a separate categoriesWEIGHT5Ffruitveg18Total cups of fruit and/or vegetables you ate yesterdayFRUITVEGnsodaperday18Number of sodas consumed per day (Continuous, standarized to per day)avgsodaperday18Average number of sodas per day (4 level categorical, standardized to per day)NDRINKStwoplussodaDrink 2 or more sodas per dayNDRNKCATnsugardrinkperday18Number of sweetened drinks consumed per day (Continuous, standarized to per day)avgsugarperday18Average number of sweetened drinks per day (4 level categorical, standardized to per day)NDRINKSnsodasugarperday18Number of sodas plus sweetened drinks consumed per day (continuous, standarized to per day)avgsodasugarperday18Average number of sodas plus sweetened drinks per day (4 level categorical, standarized to per day)NDRINKSssbConsumes 1 or more sugar sweetened beverage (soda plus other sweetened beverages) on average per dayYESNOenoughfoodIn the past six month, which of the following best describes the food eaten in your household?FOODINSexercise18During past 30 days, other your regular job, did you participate in any physical activities or exercises?YESNOcyclingfreqIn the past 12 months, how often have you ridden a bicycle in one of the five NYC boroughs?CYC12Fcycling18In the past 12 months, how often have you ridden a bicycle in one of the five NYC boroughs.BICYCLE9NFhrssleepcat_q1Adequate sleep on average week night. Categorical. Version 1SLEEPCATsleepquality_q1In the past 30 days, how would you rate your sleep quality overall? Version 1.QUALITYfluvaccineshotReceived flu shot/spray in past 12 monthsYESNOhepbvaccine18Have you ever received at least one dose of the hepatitis B vaccine?YESNODKevercolon18Have you ever had a colonoscopy? (among adults >= 50 years)YESNOcolonoscopy10yr18Had a colonoscopy in the past 10 years (among adults >=50 years)COLONevercolon18_45Have you ever had a colonoscopy? (among adults >=45 years)YESNOcolonoscopy10yr_45Had a colonoscopy in the past 10 years (among adults >=45 years)COLONfobt18Have you ever had a blood stool test? (among adults >=50 years)YESNOfobt18_45Have you ever had a blood stool test? (among adults >=45 years)YESNOlastfobt18How long since your last blood stool test? (among adults >=50 years)TIMEFOBT12Ffobt1yr18Had a blood stool test in the past year (among adults >=50 years)FOBTONEfobt2yr18Had a blood stool test in the past 2 years (among adults >=50 years)FOBTTWOlastfobt18_45How long since your last blood stool test? (among adults >=45 years)TIMEFOBT12Ffobt1yr18_45Had a blood stool test in the past year (among adults >=45 years)FOBTONEfobt2yr18_45Had a blood stool test in the past 2 years (among adults >=45 years)FOBTTWOhiv12months18Had an HIV test in the past 12 months (among all adults)YESNOeverhivtest18Ever had an HIV test (among all adults)YESNOcondom18Condom use at last sexYESNOanalsexAnal sex in past 12 months (among WSM and MSWM)YESNOanalsexcondomuse18Used condom during anal sex in last 12 months (among those who had anal sex).YESNOsexbehav_active18Sexual behavior with all sexually active persons in denom incl those w incomplete info on having sex w either M or F.BEHAVEwswWomen who report having sex with women (among sexually active women only)YESNOwswexclusiveWomen who report having sex with women ONLY (among sexually active women)YESNOpcpsexhistoryThinking about the last time you visited your personal doctor or hlth prov, did he/she ask you about your sexual history?YESNOeverheardofprepEver heard of PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)YESNOeverusedprep18Ever used PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) to prevent HIV infectionYESNOmsmMen who report having sex with men (among sexually active men only)YESNOmsmexclusiveMen who report having sex with men ONLY (among sexually active men)YESNObthcontrollastsex18Any birth control at last sex (includes condom use) (Among women <= 45yrs and men <=65 yrs with =>1 opposite sex partners in the past 12m)YESNOcondomusetrendCondom use at last sex (use for trend analysis, 18-64yr only, excludes msmexclusive, wswexclusive)YESNOdrinkerThose who had at least one alcoholic drink in the past 30 daysYESNOdaysalc30Number of days consumed at least 1 alcohol drink in the last 30 days (standardized to month)averagedrink18Average number of alcohol drinks per day in last 30 days (standardized to days)heavydrink18Heavy alcohol drinking (all adults)YESNObingenewDuring the past 30 days had (MEN: >=5 alcohol drinks, WOMEN: >=4 alcohol drinks) on one occasion?YESNOipvphyEver experienced physical violence by a current or former intimate partner.YESNOinsultipvHas a current or former intimate partner ever insulted you, or called you names repeatedly, or controlled your behaviorYESNOwt_compareWeight to use to compare different years of CHSstratastrata_q1bthcntrltype18Type of birth control used at last vaginal sex (excludes condoms)BTHCTRLNhhsizeHousehold size, adult plus children under 18 years (Top coded)HHSIZEchildPresence of children in householdYESNOЧ  ─6 Ч   §       ■   ч   Щ   щ   ШШШШЋээээџъ0"е\'Ћiђ;        Dd┴ЏЮ|  тR\'Gd┴ R@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?■AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@■AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@■A ╦>A­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@■A ╦>A­?@­?­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@ ■AЩ╩>A­?@­?@­?­?@­?­?@­?­?Л  Л  @@@!■AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?"■A╦>AЛ  @@@@­?­?@­?­?@­?Л  Л  @­?­?#■AЛ  Л  @­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@$■A┘╩>A­?@­?@­?­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?%■AЛ  Л  ­?@@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@&■dl@Л  @­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?@@Л  Л  Л  @@­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @X@@Л  Л  Л  @@­?Л  @@Л  @ @@њ╣Љ9@@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@#X>dl@О╩>AЛ  Л  ­?@@╗  ­?­?@­?­?@­?Л  Л  @@­?@'■AЛ  Л  @@@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?(■AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?­?@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?)■AЯ╩>AЛ  ­?@@@­?@@@­?­?­?@@­?­?­?­?*■AЛ  Л  @@@­?­?@­?@­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@+■AЛ  Л  @­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @ @@,■AТ╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?@­?­?@­?Л  Л  @@­?-■@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@­?@­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@­?Г  Л  @Л  @­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@џсЇL вt@Р╩>AР╩>AЛ  @@­?@­?@@@@­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?.■Aч╩>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?/■Aч╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?@@@­?@@­?@­?­?@0■A╦>AЛ  @@­?@@@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?1■AТ╩>AЛ  @@@­?­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?2■AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@3■AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@4■AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@5■AП╩>AЛ  @­?­?­?@@@­?@­?@@­?­?@6■Aэ╩>A­?­?@@­?­?­?@­?­?­?@Л  Л  @@7■AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?­?8■A╦>AЛ  ­?@@@@@@@­?­?@­?­?@­?­?­?9■AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@:■AЛ  ­?@­?­?@­?╗  ╗  ­?@­?╗  Л  Л  @­?@;■A┌╩>AЛ  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?<■AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@=■AП╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?>■A╦>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@?■AЛ  Л  @­?@­?­?­?­?@@­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@@■AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?@@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@A■║oБ@@­?@­?@­?@@@Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  @@@@Л  Л  @Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  ­?Л  @@Л  @­?­?└╦ИЫA@@@@@@@­?@@@@­?­?­?@@­?@@­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?­?@@Л  @@@­?@Л  Л  Л  @@­?@┴?@@@@уИd=Ќ@з╩>Aз╩>A­?@­?­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@B■AП╩>AЛ  ­?@@@­?@@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@C■AЛ  Л  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@D■B@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  @@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@Я?@@@@wа┴ЪЗf@Ш╩>AЛ  Л  @­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@ђE@­?E■@@­?­?@­?║`zy│wZ@ж╩>AЛ  Л  @­?­?­?­?@@@­?@­?Л  Л  @@F■░Q@@­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@ @@Л  Л  @Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @ђv@@Л  Л  Л  @@­?Л  @@Л  @@@И|ЇІq@@@@@­?­?@@@@@­?@@@@@@@@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@ьеЩЛ{@@┘╩>A┘╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?@@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@­?G■AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@H■Aс╩>A­?@­?@@@@@­?@@@­?­?@@@@I■@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  ­?­?@@@@@@@@@@@@­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@­?­?гШaдZP@ж╩>AЛ  Л  @­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@­?J■AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?╗  ­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?K■A╦>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?L■@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@њ Њ{ГO@╦>AЛ  Л  ­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?@­?Л  Л  @@@@M■Aщ╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?@­?­?@­?Л  Л  @­?@@N■AЛ  Л  @­?@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?O■AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?@@­?­?@­?Л  Л  @­?@@P■Aп╩>AЛ  @­?@­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?­?Q■AЛ  ­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?@­?Л  Л  ­?­?@R■AЛ  Л  ­?@­?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@S■A§╩>A­?­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@­?T■@­?@@@@Bа/┤`ЊV@ь╩>AЛ  Л  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@U■AЛ  ­?­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@V■AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?­?W■Aж╩>AЛ  @­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@@X■@­?@@@@4бБцЊ«w@п╩>Aп╩>AЛ  @@@­?@­?­?­?­?­?@Л  Л  @­?­?@Y■@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  ­?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@2# W;@╦>AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?Z■AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?­?@@@­?­?Л  Л  @@­?[■AМ╩>A­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@\■AЛ  ­?­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?]■AЛ  Л  @@­?@@@@@­?­?­?­?@@@­?^■Aн╩>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?_■AС╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@`■Aп╩>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?a■@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@╗  @@Л  @Л  Л  @@Л  @@­?@­?@џЎЎЎЎЎж?@­?@@'┐=ужЖz@Ы╩>AЫ╩>A @@­?@­?­?@@@­?@@Л  Л  @­?b■AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?@@­?­?Л  Л  @­?c■AП╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@­?d■AЛ  Л  @­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@e■AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?f■A┘╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?g■@­?@@@@ху'Fт╗{@Ы╩>AЫ╩>A­?@@­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@@h■Aз╩>AЛ  @­?­?╗  ╗  ­?@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @@i■Aж╩>AЛ  @­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@j■AЬ╩>AЛ  @@­?╗  @­?­?­?@­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@k■AП╩>AЛ  @@@@@@@­?­?­?­?­?­?@­?­?@l■AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@m■AЛ  Л  ­?@ШШШШЋээээ­ "еђ        Dd┴1Fd┴ R­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?n■AЫ╩>AЛ  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?o■AЛ  Л  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@p■@Л  @­?­?­?­?­?@@@Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?@@­?@Л  @­?­?)O╗7@­?@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Л  @Л  Л  @@Л  @@@@­?ЎЎЎЎЎ>@­?@@@@─{x§i>@П╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@­?@@@­?­?@­?Л  Л  @@­?­?q■AЛ  Л  @@­?@@@@­?@@­?@@@­?­?r■@ё╝kаљ─:@@­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?@Л  Л  Л  @@$@­?@­?@Л  ­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  ­?Л  @@Л  @@@цH л╦]C@@@@@­?@­?­?@@@@@­?@@@­?@­?@­?­?@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@­?­?lЪPpР>@Ы╩>AЫ╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@s■AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@t■Aч╩>AЛ  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @╗  ­?u■AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?@@@@­?­?Л  Л  @­?@@v■AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@w■A╦>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@x■AЛ  Л  @­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?y■A ╦>A­?@@­?@@@@@@@­?Л  Л  @@­?z■A╦>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@{■AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@­?|■A█╩>A­?@@­?@╗  ­?@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@}■A┘╩>AЛ  @@@@@­?@­?­?­?@@@@╗  ­?­?~■AЛ  Л  @@­?­?@@­?@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@■A┌╩>A­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@ђ■Aн╩>AЛ  ­?@@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?Ђ■AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?@@­?­?­?@Л  Л  @­?@ѓ■AШ╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@╗  @Ѓ■A ╦>AЛ  @­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?ё■@@­?@@@WЅЗ» 8Z@м╩>AЛ  Л  ­?@­?@@@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?Ё■AТ╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?є■AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?@╗  ­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?Є■AЬ╩>AЛ  ­?@­?╗  ­?@­?@­?╗  ­?Л  Л  @@­?@ѕ■AС╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?Ѕ■AЛ  Л  @@@­?@@@­?@­?@Л  Л  @@@­?і■AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?І■A ╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?ї■AЫ╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?Ї■A╦>AЛ  ­?@@╗  @@@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?ј■AЛ  Л  ­?@­?@@­?­?­?@­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?Ј■AП╩>A@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@љ■AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?@@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?Љ■AП╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?╗  ­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@њ■AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@Њ■AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?ћ■AВ╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@Ћ■AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@ќ■AЛ  Л  ­?@@@@Г  @╗  ­?@@Л  Л  ­?@Ќ■AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?ў■@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@@@­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@▒?@@­?­?▀ЂоG yЁ@╦>A╦>AЛ  @­?­?@­?­?@­?­?@­?Л  Л  @­?@­?Ў■Aм╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@@­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  @­?­?@џ■AС╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@Џ■AЛ  Л  @@@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?ю■@­?@­?@@pъ­SюpO@П╩>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?@@­?­?@­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@Ю■AЧ╩>A­?@­?@­?­?­?@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?ъ■AЛ  Л  @@@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?Ъ■AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?­?а■AЯ╩>AЛ  ­?@@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@@А■@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?@@@Л  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@EфІVJw@ 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ЫiAЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@­?и■AП╩>AЛ  @@@­?­?╗  @╗  ­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@И■AЛ  Л  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@╣■AЛ  ­?@­?@­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?­?║■AЛ  ­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@╗■AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?@@@­?­?@Л  Л  @­?@@╝■@@@@@­?@@њ$Iњ$I┬?@њ$Iњ$IЫ?@­?­?@@@Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?@@Л  @@@@@Л  Л  Л  @@­?@UUUUUUт?@­?@@ztЈ6ушђ@ ╩>AЛ  ­?@@@­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@й■AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?@­?Л  Л  @­?Й■A╦>A­?@@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?┐■@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@@@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?>@@@@@@62Зў)║А@М╩>AМ╩>AЛ  @@ШШШШЋээээ­ "еђ        Dd┴1Ad┴ 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╦>A@@­?­?­?@@­?@­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@ A▄╩>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?@­?­?@­?Л  Л  @­?­?@ A§╩>A@@­?@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@ AЛ  Л  @@@­?@@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@ AЛ  Л  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@ 58@­?@@­?­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  @­?@@@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?333333!@њ$Iњ$IР?@@@@&їe5(s@В╩>AЛ  Л  @@@@@@@@@@­?­?­?­?@@­? AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@ AС╩>AЛ  @­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@ AЛ  Л  ­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­? m@@­?@­?@­?@@­?­?@­?@Л  Л  Л  @@@@Л  Л  @Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@­?Л  @@Л  @@@0t5@­?@@@­?@­?­?@­?@@@@@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@UUUUUU┼?@@@@Н╦▒пеўU@м╩>Aм╩>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@ 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╦>AЛ  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@I AЛ  @@­?@@@@@@@@@­?­?­?­?@J AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@@K @­?@@@@ЎМ9зU@н╩>Aн╩>AЛ  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@L AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?M AЛ  ­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@N AЛ  Л  @@@╗  ­?­?­?­?╗  ­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@O AЛ  ­?@­?@­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@P AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@Q A╦>AЛ  @@@@@@@@@@@­?­?­?@R AЛ  Л  @­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@S AЬ╩>AЛ  @@@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@T @Л  @­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?@@Л  Л  Л  @@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ╗  @@@@@Л  ­?@@┐v▓n?@@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  @@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@ЇrМ1ц>@н╩>AЛ  Л  ­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@U AЧ╩>AЛ  ­?@@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?V AЛ  ­?­?@@­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?W @­?@@@@^├╔чУ<@П╩>AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@X @­?@@@@еPЋЉћZ)@╦>AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?@@­?@­?Л  Л  @@­?­?Y Aс╩>AЛ  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@­?Z AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@[ Aщ╩>A­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@\ AВ╩>AЛ  @­?@­?­?@╗  ­?­?@­?Л  Л  @­?@@] AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?^ AЛ  Л  @@­?@@@@@­?@­?­?@@­?­?@_ A ╦>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@` AС╩>AЛ  @@@@­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@a AЛ  Л  @­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?b A▄╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@@@@@­?@@­?­?@@­?@c Aщ╩>A­?@­?ШШШШЋээээ­ "еђ        Dd┴1Cd┴ R@@@@@­?@@­?Л  Л  @@­?­?d AЛ  ­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?e AЛ  @@@@­?­?­?@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@f AЛ  Л  @­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @╗  ­?g Aм╩>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@h A§╩>AЛ  ­?@@@@@@­?@@@­?­?@­?@i AЛ  Л  ­?@@@@@@@@@@@@@­?@­?j @@@@@­?@љюТkшВа?@љюТkшВа?@@­?­?@@Л  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@Л  @@@@­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@UUUUUUН?@@@­?жfпЏЌ@М╩>AЛ  Л  @@@­?­?@­?­?­?╗  ­?Л  Л  @­?@k AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?@@­?­?@­?Л  Л  @@l Aж╩>AЛ  @­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?m AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?@@­?@­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?n AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@o AН╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@p Aч╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@q @@@@@јeP*L╝▀?@@­?јeP*L╝▀?@@­?­?@@Л  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@­?­?@@Л  @Л  Л  @­?@@@@@­?333333@њ$Iњ$IР?@­?@­?sr-.4@ч╩>AЛ  ­?­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@r ╠D@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@EЩ {јј:@н╩>AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@s AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@t AЛ  ­?@@­?@­?­?­?­?@­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@u A┘╩>A @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@v AВ╩>AЛ  @­?­?@­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  ­?­?@w AС╩>AЛ  @­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@x @@@@@┤CЯк2(┼?@@┤CЯк2(┼?@┤CЯк2(Н?@@­?­?@@­?@@@Л  Л  @@Л  @Л  Л  Л  @@@@­?@@Л  @Л  Л  ­?@Л  @@@@­?.@­?@@@@фIЃ"y@╦>A╦>A­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@y AС╩>AЛ  @@@­?@╗  ­?­?@­?@Л  Л  @@z AЛ  Л  @╗  @­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?{ AЛ  Л  @­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?| AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?­?­?@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@@} A§╩>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?@@@@­?­?@@@@@­?~ A ╩>A­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @╗  ╗  @ AС╩>AЛ  ­?@@@@@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?ђ ќѓpЃ}@Л  @­?­?­?­?@@@@Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  @@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  Л  @Л  ­?Л  ­?@Л  @@@аЙ9@@@@@­?@­?­?@╗  @@@Л  Л  @@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@@@Л  @Л  Л  @@Л  @@Л  @@@@@@Q>ќѓpЃ}@ж╩>AЛ  Л  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@@Ђ @@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  ­?­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@­?­?@@Л  @Л  Л  ­?­?@@@@@@@@@@Ќыs'r:]@ ╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?ѓ AЬ╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@@@@­?@@@@@@@@Ѓ Aр╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@Г  ­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@ё @@@@­?­?@­?­?@Г  @@@Г  ­?­?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Г  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@Г  Г  Њђmиџvд@щ╩>Aщ╩>AЛ  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?╗  ­?Ё AЛ  Л  @@­?­?@­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@є A┘╩>A­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?Є Aж╩>A­?@@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@­?ѕ AЛ  Л  @­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@Ѕ @@@@@њ$Iњ$I┬?@@иm█Хm█Т?@▄Хm█Хmв?@@­?@@@Л  Л  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@­?­?@@Л  @Л  Л  @@Л  @@@@@@@@@Wр­Ыжpђ@В╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?@@@@­?@­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?і A╦>AЛ  @­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@І @@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@­?­?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@'Р$тќY?@у╩>Aу╩>AЛ  @­?@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@ї AЛ  Л  @@­?@­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@Ї @@­?@­?@­?­?@­?­?@­?@Л  Л  Л  @@@@Л  Л  @Л  ­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?­?Л  @@Л  @@@ВюN4╝@@@@@@љюТkшВа?@@­?@С4_ФgЄ­?@­?­?@@@­?@@­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@­?­?@@Л  @@@­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@3╠М-О┤-@№╩>A№╩>AЛ  @­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@­?ј AЬ╩>A­?@@@­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?Ј AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?@­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  @­?­?@љ AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?╗  ­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@­?Љ AЛ  Л  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@њ AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?@Л  Л  @@­?@Њ A▀╩>A@@@­?­?­?­?╗  ­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@ћ A┌╩>AЛ  @­?@@@@@@­?@­?@@@@@­?Ћ AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@ќ AЛ  Л  ­?@@@­?­?@­?@­?­?Л  Л  @­?@Ќ 2@­?­?­?@­?@­?­?@@@@@Л  Л  ­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  ­?­?­?@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@юЈg┌ЛЃ@№╩>AЛ  Л  @­?­?­?­?­?­?╗  ­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@ў A▄╩>AЛ  @@­?­?@@@­?@­?­?Л  Л  @­?@@Ў A ╩>A­?@­?­?@@@@@@@@Л  Л  @@@џ AО╩>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?Џ A ╩>A@@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?­?ю AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@Ю AП╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?ъ AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?­?Ъ Aы╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?@@­?­?@­?Л  Л  @­?­?@а AЛ  Л  @@@@@╗  @╗  ­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@А AЛ  Л  @@@­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?­?б AЛ  Л  ­?@­?╗  ­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?Б Aр╩>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@ц AС╩>AЛ  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @╗  ­?@Ц AЛ  Л  ­?@@@­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@д C@Л  @­?@­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  @@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@­?Л  @@Л  @ @@Ђ4@­?@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  @@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@л-c├H>C@ы╩>AЛ  Л  @@@@­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?Д AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?╗  ­?е Aь╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@@@@­?@@@@@@­?­?­?Е A┘╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?@@­?­?@­?Л  Л  @­?@­?ф AЛ  ­?@@@@@@@­?­?@Г  Л  Л  @­?­?Ф AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@г AЧ╩>A@@­?@@­?­?@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@Г AЛ  Л  @­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@« AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?» AЛ  Л  ­?@­?╗  ╗  @­?@­?@╗  Л  Л  @­?@░ @LйЌc\Б[@@­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?@@Л  Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  ­?@@@Л  @ @@фффффJ=@@@@@­?@љюТkшВа?@љюТkшВа?@@╗  @@@@╗  ­?@­?╗  ­?╗  @@@@@@@@@­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@јzJ >@у╩>Aу╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@­?@­?­?@@­?@­?@­?­?@▒ A┘╩>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @╗  ­?@▓ AС╩>AЛ  @@­?@╗  @@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@│ A╦>AЛ  ­?@­?­?@­?@­?­?@­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?┤ A┌╩>AЛ  @@@@@@­?­?@­?­?Л  Л  @@­?­?х AЛ  Л  ­?@ШШШШЋээээ­ "еђ        Dd┴1Bd┴ R@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?Х AЛ  Л  ­?@­?@@@­?­?@­?@@@@@­?@и AЧ╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?И AР╩>AЛ  @@@­?@@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@╣ AЛ  ­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@║ AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?╗ AЧ╩>A­?­?@­?@­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@╝ Aн╩>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@й A ╦>AЛ  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@Й AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@┐ AШ╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@└ AЩ╩>A­?@­?­?­?­?@­?@­?╗  ╗  Л  Л  @@┴ A┘╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?┬ AЛ  Л  @@@@@@@@@╗  @Л  Л  @╗  ­?├ AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?─ AЛ  Л  ­?@­?@@@@@@@@@@@­?@@┼ A▄╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?@@@­?­?@­?@­?@­?к AЛ  Л  ­?@@@@@@@­?@­?@@@╗  ╗  @К AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @╗  ­?╚ jzЋ`е@@╗  Л  Л  Л  ­?@Л  @Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  ­?Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  @@­?@Л  @@@└ниrў6@­?@@Л  ­?@­?­?@╗  @@@@@­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@╗  ╗  @@Л  @Л  Л  @@Л  @@Л  Л  @@@@@ЖЏQЇq[ў@р╩>Aр╩>AЛ  @@@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@╔ AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?╩ AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?@@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?╦ A╦>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@­?╠ AЩ╩>A­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?@­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?═ AУ╩>A­?@­?­?­?­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  @­?­?­?╬ Aс╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?¤ Aм╩>AЛ  ­?@@@@@@@@@@­?­?@­?@­?л AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@Л @@@@@њ$Iњ$I┬?@@љюТkшВа?@Х╦Bьaёк?@@­?@@@Л  Л  ­?­?@@@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?@@@@Л  @Л  Л  @@Л  @@@@@@@@@Ъ■┬ќOtb@В╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?@­?­?Л  Л  @­?@­?м AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@М AЧ╩>AЛ  @@­?╗  @­?@@@@@Л  Л  @­?╗  @н @@@@Л  ­?@­?­?@­?@@@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?@@­?@@­?╗  ╗  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@­?й|З eњ@Ж╩>AЖ╩>AЛ  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@Н AЛ  @@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?$@@о AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?@@­?@­?­?Л  Л  @@@@О Aэ╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?­?п AЛ  Л  ­?@­?╗  @@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@@┘ A┌╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@­?@@╗  ­?­?­?Л  Л  ╗  ╗  @@┌ Aн╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?@@@­?­?@Л  Л  @­?­?@█ AЛ  Л  @­?­?@@@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@▄ A┘╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @╗  ­?П AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@я @@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@e╔гЬzAd@В╩>AВ╩>AЛ  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?▀ AЛ  @@­?­?­?╗  ­?@­?­?@­?Л  Л  @@@Я Aж╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?@­?@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@р AС╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@@@@@@@@Л  Л  ­?­?@@Р Aз╩>AЛ  @@­?@@@@­?­?­?@­?­?@­?@с AП╩>AЛ  @­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@С A╦>A­?@­?@­?@@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@т AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@Т @@@@@­?@@љюТkшВа?@С4_ФgЄ­?@­?­?­?@@­?@­?@@@@@@@@@@@@@­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@џЎЎЎЎЎ╔?@­?@@,,X6┌╬Ѕ@О╩>AО╩>AЛ  @@@@­?@@­?­?@@Л  Л  @@­?@у AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?­?У AЛ  Л  @@­?@@@@@@­?­?­?@@­?@­?ж ,IА$e@@­?@­?@­?@@­?­?@­?@Л  Л  Л  @@*@­?­?­?@@@­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  @@@@Л  @@@н+ФЫ2F@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?@@@­?@­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@@@Л  @@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?333333@њ$Iњ$Iм?@@­?@Р╚nClW@м╩>Aм╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@­?@@­?@­?@Л  Л  @­?@Ж Aн╩>AЛ  @­?­?­?@@@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@­?в A╦>AЛ  ­?@­?@@@@­?╗  ╗  ╗  Л  Л  @­?╗  ­?В @@@@Л  ­?@­?­?@@@@@╗  @@@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@Љ<1a▒хh@╦>A╦>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?╗  @ь AЛ  Л  @­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?╗  ­?Ь AЛ  Л  ­?@­?Г  Г  Г  @­?╗  ­?╗  Л  Л  @@­?­?№ AС╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@@@@@@@@­?@@­?­?­?­ @═BW ОO@@­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?­?@Л  Л  Л  ­?­?1@­?­?@­?Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@@Л  @ @@(h╣H»n;@@@@@­?@­?­?@@@@@­?@­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@Q >@№╩>A№╩>AЛ  ­?@@@@@@@@­?­?@@@­?@­?ы AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@Ы q@ЂVЈ#`ѕ@­?­?­?­?­?­?@@@Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  ­?@@­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@­?­?@Л  @­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  @пЖ┘!pc╣?@@╗  ╗  пЖ┘!pc╣?@@­?­?@@@­?­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?­?@@Л  @@@@@Л  Л  Л  @@@@@@@Rўм>q@В╩>AВ╩>A­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@з Aч╩>A­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@З @@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@Мc F@Ш╩>AЛ  Л  @­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@ш @@@@@њ$Iњ$Iм?@@њ$Iњ$Iм?@њ$Iњ$IР?@@­?­?@@­?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@­?@@Л  @@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?@Я?@@@@:4ч┴З├-@у╩>Aу╩>AЛ  @­?­?@@@@@­?@@@@@­?­?Ш A╦>AЛ  ­?@­?­?@@@­?­?­?@Л  Л  @­?­?@э uZA│v@­?­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?­?­?@­?@@@"@@Л  Л  @Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  @@­?@Л  @@@g|mЦSк7@­?@@@­?@­?­?@@­?@@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?@@­?@@­?@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@▒?@@@@%#ъЛa@┘╩>A┘╩>AЛ  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@@Э ▀мШQ@­7=*Ўж`@­?­?­?­?­?­?@@@Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  @Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  ­?Л  @@Л  @­?­? ^_ПB=@@@@@­?@­?@­?@­?­?­?@@@­?­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@Л?@@@@яШ>▀мШQ@╦>A╦>AЛ  @­?@@­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@щ AЛ  ­?@­?@­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@Щ AЛ  Л  ­?@@@@@@@@@@@@@­?@ч AЛ  Л  @@­?@@­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@Ч @@@@­?­?@­?­?@­?­?@@@@@@­?@­?@@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?­?А?@@@@зGо4Ёz@Т╩>AТ╩>AЛ  ­?@@@@­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@§ AЛ  Л  ­?@@╗  ­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@■ AЛ  Л  @@@­?@@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@  AЛ  Л  @@­?@@@­?­?­?­?@Л  Л  @­?­?@=A3@­?@@@@@@@@Л  @­?­?@@­?­?­?­?GT бaГX@═ы$Y@@­?╗  ╗  ╗  ­?@@­?­?­?­?@Л  Л  Л  @@@@Л  Л  ­?Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @ Ѕ@@Л  Л  Л  ╗  @@@@Г  Л  @@@ЫтГ╩oK7@­?@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@╗  ­?­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?@╗  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?╠╠╠╠╠╠)@█Хm█Хmв?@@@@GT 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D8@­?@@@­?@­?­?@­?@@@╗  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@1KЄ(@С╩>AС╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?@@­?@@­?Л  Л  @@@=A3@@@@@@@@­?Л  @Л  ­?@@@­?­?­?@/PПBсћ@Л  @­?@­?@­?@@@Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  @@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@@Л  ­?­?­?l┴l┴V;@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  @@Л  @Л  Л  Л  @@@­?­?@­?@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@@/PПBсћ@╦>AЛ  Л  @­?@­?╗  @@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@=A3@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  @­?@@­?­?­?­?L▒|х(e@Л  @­?╗  ╗  ╗  ­?@@­?­?­?­?@Л  Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @R@@Л  Л  Л  @Л  ­?Л  @@Л  ­? @@├ЉњOХy<@@@@@­?@@█Хm█Хm█?@иm█Хm█Ш?@­?­?­?@@Л  Л  ­?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@L▒|х(e@П╩>AЛ  Л  ­?@­?Г  Г  Г  Г  @­?@­?Л  Л  @­?@­?=A3@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@@­?@@­?­?­?­?a┼ 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sј мMG@Л  @­?­?­?­?­?@@@Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  ­?Л  ­?@Л  @@@▄Щz7@­?@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@­?@@Л  @Л  Л  @@Л  @@Л  Л  ­?ЎЎЎЎЎ>@­?@@@@ sј мMG@П╩>AЛ  Л  @@­?╗  ╗  ╗  @@­?­?@Л  Л  @­?­?@I=A3@­?@@@@@@@@Л  @@­?@@­?­?­?@,%й2П8@kџ┬Mг­M@@­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?­?@Л  Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@­?Л  @@Л  @­?­?о/іС>╣@@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@,%й2П8@▀╩>A▀╩>AЛ  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?J=A3@@@@@@@@­?­?@­?­?@@@@@@­?aђQ@,)ђ@еЋaРї@@­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?@@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  @Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @(@@Л  Л  Л  @Л  ­?Л  ­?@Л  @ @@ђ:@@@@@­?@­?­?@@­?@@@@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@╗  @@Л  @@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@@aђQ@,)ђ@ж╩>Aж╩>AЛ  @@@­?@@­?­?@@­?Л  Л  ­?­?@K=A3@@@@@@@@­?­?@Л  ­?@@­?@@@­?§r3 гд@Л  @­?@­?@­?@@@Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  @@ @@Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @^@@Л  Л  Л  @@­?Л  ­?@Л  @ 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ѕЃжa@ЙЉFHfu@@­?­?­?­?­?@@­?­?­?@@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  @Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?@@­?@Л  @­?­?6ВI<Ю?@@@@@­?@љюТkшВ░?@љюТkшВ░?@@­?­?@@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @@Л  @Л  Л  Л  @@@@­?@@Л  @@@­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?@▒?@@­?­?сЁ ѕЃжa@П╩>AП╩>AЛ  @­?ШШШШЋээээ­ "еђ        Dd┴1Ld┴ R­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@­?@Z=A3@@@@@@@@­?­?@­?@­?@@@@@@TDО5ўтW@~ёФќhj@@­?­?­?­?­?@@@Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  @Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @~@@Л  Л  Л  ­?Л  ­?Л  ­?@Л  @@@чI╗mmЫ?@@@@@љюТkшВа?@@­?љюТkшВа?@@­?­?@@@@­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?­?А?@@@@TDО5ўтW@С╩>AС╩>AЛ  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@[=A3@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  @­?@@@@@@■­ПHлn@Л  @­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?­?­?@­?@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?@@@@Л  ­?@@═┐0Ѕ=┘4@­?@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@■­ПHлn@э╩>AЛ  Л  ­?@@@­?@@­?­?­?@Л  Л  @­?@@\=A3@@@@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @Л  @@@@@@@@нU╚іK&^@Л  @­?@­?@­?­?­?­?@Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  ­?­? @@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@­?Л  @@Л  @@@рЃ>Эа:@@@@@­?@­?­?@@­?@@Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@нU╚іK&^@№╩>AЛ  Л  @­?­?@@@@@­?@@­?­?@@@]=A3@@@@@@@@­?­?@­?@­?@@@@@@з┌БjБv@лћU#ќІ@@­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?@­?­?­?@­?­?.@­?­?­?@Л  @@­?$@@@@@­?­?@Л  Л  @*@­?@@­?Л  @@Л  ­? 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@@┼эbЏФf7@­?@@­?­?@­?­?@@­?@@@@­?­?@@@@­?­?@@@@@@­?­?­?@Л  @Л  Л  ­?@Л  @@­?­?­?@╗  Л  ╗  @@џбйјЦрЌ@Щ╩>AЩ╩>A­?@@@­?­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@f=A3@@@@@@@@­?­?@Л  ­?@@@@@@@EьЎlмђ@Л  @­?­?­?­?­?@@­?­?­?­?@Л  Л  Л  @@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @b@@Л  Л  Л  @@­?Л  @@Л  @­?­?▒јa!ЫЩD@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?@@@Л  Л  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@­?­?@Л  @@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@@@­?@EьЎlмђ@В╩>AЛ  Л  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?g=A3@­?@@@@@@@@Л  Л  @­?@@@@@@Dg=ЂиE@Л  @­?@­?@­?@@­?­?@­?@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @ђђ@@Л  Л  Л  @Л  ­?Л  @@Л  @@@­Л│ЋwAA@@@@­?љюТkшВ░?@@­?@╔iЙV¤ы?@­?­?­?@@Л  Л  ­?­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@Dg=ЂиE@┘╩>AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?h=A3@@@@@@@@­?­?@@­?@­?­?@@@­?┘╠ђ'ПЌ@Шн╗Щ\8Ъ@­?­?­?­?­?­?@@@Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  @Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?­?Л  ­?@Л  @­?­?cї1кX<@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?@@@­?@@­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@­?@@Л  @@@­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?@џЎЎЎЎЎ┘?@@@­?┘╠ђ'ПЌ@Ж╩>AЖ╩>AЛ  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@@i=A3@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  @­?@@@@@@тQЏж)@Л  @­?@­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?@Л  Л  Л  ­?­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @n@@Л  Л  Л  ­?­?­?Л  @@Л  @@@Ev┘MdB@@@@@­?@­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  @@­?­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@@­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@џЎЎЎЎЎ╔?@@@@тQЏж)@С╩>AЛ  Л  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @@@j=A3@­?@@@@@@­?­?@Л  @­?@@­?­?­?­?чSK╝Njz@Л  @­?@­?@­?@@@Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  @@­?@Л  @@@§▒Ќ╝-n8@­?@@@­?@­?­?@­?@@@Л  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@чSK╝Njz@Р╩>AЛ  Л  @@­?­?­?@@@@@­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?k=A3@­?@@@@@@­?­?@@@­?@­?­?­?­?@,┬QtК█G@l`Ч№u,_@@­?@­?@­?@@@Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  @@@@Л  Л  @Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @n@@Л  Л  Л  @@@@@@Л  ­? @@_╔}2G<@@@@@­?@­?­?@@­?@@@@­?­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@,┬QtК█G@ж╩>Aж╩>AЛ  ­?@­?­?@@@­?­?@­?Л  Л  @­?­?l=A3@­?@@@@@@­?Л  @@­?@­?­?@@@­?┌ пЯЃјё@ѓ▀h{@@­?­?­?­?­?@@@Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  @@@@Л  Л  @Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  ­?Л  @@Л  @­?­?рќџ ч@@@@@@­?@њ$Iњ$Iм?@њ$Iњ$Iм?@@@­?@@­?@­?­?Л  Л  @@Л  @Л  Л  Л  @@@@­?­?@Л  @Л  Л  @@Л  @@­?­?­?╠╠╠╠╠╠)@█Хm█Хmв?@­?­?­?┌ пЯЃјё@­╩>A­╩>A­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@m=A3@­?@@@@@@@@Л  Л  @­?@­?@@@@pие#вW@Л  @­?­?­?­?­?@@@Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  ­?@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  @@­?@Л  @@@дЭqЎ5A5@­?@@@њ$Iњ$I┬?@@­?њ$Iњ$I┬?@@­?@@@Л  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@pие#вW@Ы╩>AЛ  Л  @@­?­?@@­?@@­?­?Л  Л  @­?­?@n=A3@@@@@@@@­?­?@@@­?@@­?­?­?@j#dћ\ 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@@ЄKь!ЫV<@@@@@­?@­?­?@@­?@@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@U╠.1╔~@Щ╩>AЩ╩>AЛ  ­?@@­?­?@@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  ­?@@r=A3@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?Л  @­?@@@­?­?­?ў9ЋізЯr@Л  @@@@@­?­?Л  @Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  @@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  ­?Л  @@Л  @@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @╗  ╗  ╗  ­?@­?@­?@­?­?­?Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@ў9ЋізЯr@В╩>AЛ  Л  @­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  ­?­?­?s=A3@@@@@@@@@@Л  ­?@­?@­?@­?­?@<++фЅf@ж┘JЇ8wx@@­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?@@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  @Л  ­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?Л  @@@@Л  @@@ЎЇЦ!б}7@­?@@@­?@@­?­?@­?­?­?@@­?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@┴?@@@@<++фЅf@№╩>A№╩>AЛ  @@@@­?@@@­?@­?Л  Л  @@t=A3@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  @­?­?­?­?­?­?@іг├ЙФV1@Л  @­?@­?@­?@@­?╗  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  ­?@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@­?Л  @@Л  ­? 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МђтЌT@Л  Г  ­?╗  ╗  ╗  ­?@@@Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  @@@Г  Л  @@@љУ% о9@@@@@­?@@­?@@@­?­?­?@@Л  Л  ­?@@@@@­?­?@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@ МђтЌT@у╩>AЛ  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@Ђ=A3@­?@@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@­?@­?­?­?­?@ЁАЭ▒aCђ@#гО:{@@@@@@­?­?Л  @Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  @Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  @­?­?@Л  @­?­?Ђ)МсPI<@@@@@­?@­?­?@@@@@­?@@­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@ЁАЭ▒aCђ@╦>A╦>AЛ  @­?@@@@@@@@@@@@@­?­?ѓ=A3@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  @­?@@­?­?­?@й■tlЅ█Б@Л  @­?╗  ╗  ╗  ­?@@­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@.@­?@@Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@­?╗  ╗  @@@UХJќ2r?@@@@@­?@­?@­?@­?@­?@@Л  Л  ­?@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@╗  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@й■tlЅ█Б@с╩>AЛ  Л  @@@@@@@@@@@­?­?@­?@@Ѓ=A3@­?@@@@@@­?­?@Л  ­?@@@­?­?­?@lПТ'3@Л  @­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?­?╗  Л  Л  Л  @@4@­?­?­?Л  ­?╗  @­?@­?@­?@­?­?@Л  Л  @╗  ­?­?@­?Л  @@Л  @ @@/ ┬Є;<@@@@@╗  ╗  ╗  ╗  ╗  ╗  ╗  ╗  @@╗  ╗  Л  Л  ­?­?@@@@@@@@@@@@­?­?­?@Л  @Л  Л  @­?@@@­?­?­?­?А?@@@@lПТ'3@╦>AЛ  ­?­?@@╗  ╗  ╗  @@╗  @@Л  Л  @­?ё=A3@­?@@@@@@@@Л  Л  ­?­?@@­?­?­?@Ф%?С▄Њ@Л  @­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?­?@Л  Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?@@@@@Л  ­?@@Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?­?@­?­?@­?@@@Л  Л  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Г  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@Г  Г  Ф%?С▄Њ@с╩>AЛ  Л  ­?@@@­?­?@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@Ё=A3@­?@@@@@@@@Л  Л  @­?@@@­?­?­?sѕ,Iѓ(@Л  @­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?­?­?@­?@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  @@­?@Л  @@@ъn═І╠3@­?@@@@@­?@@@@­?­?­?@@Л  Л  @@­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@­?­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@@sѕ,Iѓ(@С╩>AЛ  Л  @@@­?­?­?­?­?­?╗  ­?Л  Л  @­?­?­?є=A3@Г  @@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @@­?­?­?@ ╬gi7Њf@Л  @­?@­?@­?@@@Л  Л  ­?­?@­?­?@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @└r@@Л  Л  Л  @@@@­?Г  Л  @@@%Ћ─║КK>@@@@@­?@­?­?@Г  Г  @@Л  Л  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  @@@ ╬gi7Њf@Я╩>AЛ  Л  @@@@@@@@@@@­?­?@@­?­?Є=A3@@@@@­?­?­?Л  Л  @Л  ­?@@@@@@@свЮX%U@Л  @­?­?­?­?­?@@@Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  @@(@­?­?@Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @(@@Л  Л  Л  @Л  ­?Л  @@Л  @ @@▒јa!ЫЩ4@­?@@@­?@­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  ­?@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@@@Л  @@@­?@Л  Л  Л  @@­?­?џЎЎЎЎЎ╔?@­?@­?свЮX%U@№╩>AЛ  ­?@­?@­?­?­?­?­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @­?@@ѕ=A3@@@@@@@@@@Л  Л  @­?@@@@@@Х╦ЄаrлZ@Л  @­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?­?@Л  Л  Л  @@@Л  Л  Л  Л  @­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@­?Л  @@Л  @­?­?Ь╔eЈ><@@@@@­?@љюТkшВ░?@љюТkшВ░?@@­?­?@@Л  Л  @­?­?­?­?­?@@@@@@@@@­?Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  ­?ЎЎЎЎЎ>@­?@@@@Х╦ЄаrлZ@┘╩>AЛ  Л  ­?@@╗  ­?­?@­?­?­?­?Л  Л  @╗  ­?Ѕ=A3@@@@@@@@­?­?@Л  @­?@@@@@@хП▄qQ@Л  ­?­?@­?@­?@@­?­?­?@­?@@@@@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @@Л  Л  Л  Л  Л  @Л  Л  @n@@Л  Л  Л  ­?@­?Л  @@Л  ­? 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