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Probation Department and Adult Supervision
The Department of Probation has made significant changes that have improved the quality of its adult supervision.
Processing Juvenile Cases
Information on how juvenile delinquents and juvenile offenders are prosecuted is available on the Administration for Children's Services website.
Small Claims Court
Small claims or commercial claims court resolves disputes between private individuals and/or corporations when the claim is $3,000 or less.
Small Claims Court Guide
When a transaction leads to financial losses of $5,000 or less, Small Claims Court is the place to go for a legal settlement. This guide has the basic facts on how to proceed in New York City.
New York City Tax Appeals Tribunal
The Tax Appeals Tribunal is an independent agency that resolves disputes between taxpayers and the New York City Department of Finance involving taxes administered by the City of New York. The Tax Appeals Tribunal does not resolve disputes related to the New York City Real Property Tax.
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